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Gold Religious Rings for men

(11 Items)
Mahodara Gold Ring
Rs. 71,594

Offer Price: Rs. 60,465 (50% Making Off)

Om Shakti Gold Ring
Rs. 62,346

Offer Price: Rs. 52,342 (50% Making Off)

Gajanan Gold Ring
Rs. 82,517

Offer Price: Rs. 69,691 (50% Making Off)

Om Shanti Gold Ring
Rs. 75,352

Offer Price: Rs. 63,639 (50% Making Off)

OmNamah Shivay Go...
Rs. 35,788

Offer Price: Rs. 28,129 (50% Making Off)

Rudra Om Gold Band For Him
Rs. 41,612

Offer Price: Rs. 32,707 (50% Making Off)

Om Gold Band
Rs. 32,033

Offer Price: Rs. 26,111 (50% Making Off)

Oum Gold Ring
Rs. 33,512

Offer Price: Rs. 26,340 (50% Making Off)

Om Namo Gold Ring
Rs. 38,277

Offer Price: Rs. 30,085 (50% Making Off)

Namo Namah Gold Ring
Rs. 40,130

Offer Price: Rs. 31,542 (50% Making Off)

Aum Gold Ring
Rs. 45,001

Offer Price: Rs. 35,370 (50% Making Off)


Faith is, seeing light with your heart, when all your eyes can see is darkness.

Religious Rings For Men

Religion truly makes you see the light of hope when there is darkness and despair all around you. It is the faith, the belief that men have in their hearts, that makes them see the silver lining on gray clouds. It is believed that religion guides, protects and gives clarity amongst turmoil, confusion and gloom. It is thus an integral part of one’s life that one should be attached to their respective religion. Even though people belonging to different backgrounds, regions or with geographical & cultural diversity may pray or worship in different ways, their prayers are all ultimately reaching one destination – the heavens, the source of all the powers of the Universe, the Creator.


In India and even outside, it has been a trend for ages, to wear religious gold rings on the fingers, as a mark of dignity, love and regard for one’s religious belief systems. Candere has a humble collection of religious rings for men, that are also our bestsellers of this category.

Religious Gold Rings

Even though people from different cultural systems may wear different religious gold rings, some patterns or symbols are common: Om, Shree, Swastik. Om Gold Ring is extremely popular and has highest demand of sales. Since this is free from the hassles of design or elaborate decoration, it becomes an easy option for gifting too.

Religious Rings In Gold

Here are a few Om gold rings that have simple, yet appealing design on the shank, which will look enticing, once worn. Oum Gold Ring which has white mesh like pattern along the width and circumference of the shank, bordered by gold; Namo Namah Gold Ring whose Om patterns are cast in white gold against a yellow gold background; Aum Gold Ring that has 4 lines of white gold braids and Om in yellow gold on the top; Om Namah Shivay Gold Ring with the words inscribed in gold along the shank, this one’s also known as ‘scripture ring’; there is also the Rudra band, which is more like a band than a ring with Om written across the band.

Mens Religious Rings

The Om gold band is the most majestic looking in the collection, with “Om” cutout along the band periphery. Most of the rings under this collection have broad band width and are called bands. These also have elaborate craftsmanship on the shank and the rest of the band area, to give an effect to the inscription on the top. All the rings are priced around 20000 to 40000.