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Mens Gold Jewelry Designs

Gold jewellery for men is nearly a staple wear for boys as well as adult male persons. Gold chains, gold rings, gold kadas and gold bracelets are very common gold jewellery amongst men. These may be the regular ones of customized designer ones, with specific requirements executed on them. Usually, gold jewellery is exchanged in weddings and big festivities; but the necessary gold jewelleries are also purchased for self, like chains or rings. There may be more than one variety of styling or designing for a particular product of men jewellery; for example, there may be several types of gold rings like religious, bands, classic, daily wear, wedding bands, etc. The part of the ring that sits on the topmost part of the finger is called as mound, the immediate surrounding portion is called as shoulder and the part that covers the rest of the finger is called as shank. There may be more than one types of shank – ie the circumference of the ring from the external. Round, semi-round, half-round, knife-edge, plain or flat, comfort fit or scooped. The shoulder may range from tapered, plain, regular, reverse-tapered, split, flair, straight, pinched, bypass or cross over.

Gold Jewellery For Men

The bangles are called kadas in case of men’s jewellery that is mostly worn by men from the North. It is usually a plain gold bangle that is worn on the wrist as a staple. In rings, men usually prefer simple gold bands or religious rings. Chains – heavy, thick, sleek, thin, light-weight, heavy-weight, handmade or machine made are also a favourite among men and they start wearing them since the age that they can manage a gold jewellery. In pendants too, not too much fancy design is preferred by men, even though the gold used is more in quantity than that used for women’s pendants. Men’s pendants may be simple design-wise but are heavier in weight; men generally prefer religious gold pendants to cocktail or fancy styles.

Mens Rose Gold Jewelry

Even though rose pink gold is something that identifies with feminity, it also symbolizes class and sophistication. Generally one wouldn’t find too many options of designs in mens rose gold jewellery, usually what is made out of rose gold are rings, wedding bands and simple gold bands. Rose gold is also preferred for wedding diamond bands, engagement rings for men, and eternity bands, studded in diamonds. 

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