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Simple Gold Necklaces designs

H Initial Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00651

B Initial Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00645

A Initial Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00642

P Initial Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00666

D Initials Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00648

Aamrapali Gold Necklace

Rs. 77,017

Style No NK00021

The Enchantress Gold Necklace

Rs. 23,646

Style No NK00038

Best Friends Forever Necklace

Rs. 29,056

Style No NK00036

Soulmates Engraved Necklace

Rs. 22,844

Style No NK00033

Mi Amor Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,464

Style No GR00681

And Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00684

K Initial Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00660

S Initial Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00669

J Initial Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00657

I Initial Gold Pendant With Chain

Rs. 12,023

Style No GR00654

Gold necklace designs with Indian price

Women love to hold fashion to their heart and close to their skin. For them, jewellery is akin to a second layer of outfit. No woman will ever plan even the most simplest of outfits without thinking of accessorizing. Adding some bling and glitter to their personality is of high significance cause then that’s how they get all the attention they enjoy. Hence, it is justified that there is immense amount of time, energy and resources ‘invested’ in choosing the best jewellery for oneself and also in case of gifting jewellery.

Necklace enjoys the most prominent place in a woman’s life - both in her jewellery box as well as on her neck! A woman may choose to buy a simple gold necklace design based on her moods, nature, likes and tastes. Usually, gold necklaces are not worn on a daily basis especially by women who are working or women, who perform physical activities or tasks at work, cause of safety reasons. These are essentially meant to adorn the neck on occasions, where there is a chance to dress up and deck up too look gorgeous. With simple gold necklace designs, you don’t have to do much to look good; it comes effortlessly - don’t you think that it is totally worth investing your money then?

Buy Simple Gold Necklace Online

Necklaces under this collection are majorly classified as elegantly contemporary and simply traditional; designs that cater to all community choices and also to the modern minds. Includes very heavy to moderately heavy pieces; light or very light pieces and even simple pendants + chain combinations. These are perfect for everyday wear especially if you live in a corporate environ; interestingly, some of these designs that a part of the floral design collection, are perfect choice to enhance your beauty at cocktails and dinner get-togethers. For a lovely prom evening with your crush, who makes you blush, wear the Prom Queen Necklace and smite him with your royal looks.

Simple Gold Necklace For Girlfriend

If you like quirky things and manifest your uniqueness in your fashion senses, you will love to own this necklace that resembles twisted leaves and matching pair of gold earring danglers.

If your girl/lady is a danseuse, an artist and very feminine, you might want to gift her something she’ll love: a gold necklace that will perfectly complement her ensemble and also speak up for her beauty.

A girlfriend who is very choosy and selective, especially about designs, patterns and shapes, will admire a gold necklace that is made of tiny hexagonal studs and a matching pair of gold studs to complete the set.

Simple Gold Necklace For Wedding

Gold Jewellery shopping for a wedding in the house is a big event in itself. Here are three very appealing, attractive yet budget-friendly gold necklace sets for bride that you can rely on:

Traditional yet trendy, rooted to one’s culture you will love a design made of tiny golden florets assembled together on a golden thread.

The Baruna Gold Necklace perfectly reflects the rich traditions and cultures that India is known for, because of the finish and make of the design and skilled craftsmanship - to let you stand out as the quintessential bride at your wedding.

You will love to wear concentric circles on your neck some of them plated in rhodium for white finish; and also on your ears to get a not-so-clichéd look and stand out as a bride.

You can explore more of them here.

Simple Gold Necklace Chain

Gold chains plus pendants is what this compilation is made of; also to give you the liberty to wear all three colours of gold together, for a stylish yet exclusive and elegant look.

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