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Gold Women's Accessories

(39 Items)
Love Gold Anklet
Rs. 15,886

Offer Price: Rs. 12,284 (50% Making Off)

Unstoppable Gold Anklet
Rs. 23,983

Offer Price: Rs. 18,545 (50% Making Off)

Beating Heart Gold Anklet
Rs. 21,406

Offer Price: Rs. 16,553 (50% Making Off)

Leafstream Gold A...
Rs. 22,940

Offer Price: Rs. 17,740 (50% Making Off)

Floral Trail Gold...
Rs. 21,406

Offer Price: Rs. 16,553 (50% Making Off)

Footloose Gold Anklet
Rs. 20,057

Offer Price: Rs. 15,510 (50% Making Off)

Tip Toes Gold Anklet
Rs. 21,100

Offer Price: Rs. 16,316 (50% Making Off)

Pial Gold Anklet ...
Rs. 18,816 Rs. 15,053

Offer Price: Rs. 14,544 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Depthi Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 84,011

Offer Price: Rs. 69,890 (50% Making Off)

Arvi Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 97,143

Offer Price: Rs. 80,118 (50% Making Off)

Shuki Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 101,092

Offer Price: Rs. 83,325 (50% Making Off)

Reshika Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 93,178

Offer Price: Rs. 76,569 (50% Making Off)

Aarvi Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 95,412

Offer Price: Rs. 78,201 (50% Making Off)

Arwa Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 88,910

Offer Price: Rs. 74,294 (50% Making Off)

Ketika Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 96,616

Offer Price: Rs. 79,034 (50% Making Off)

Udichi Mudhra Gold Nath
Rs. 96,736

Offer Price: Rs. 79,123 (50% Making Off)


The wedding is one of the main events in a woman’s life. Every woman plans her wedding look for years and we want to contribute our part in making you look the very best. This page is stuffed with gold women jewellery accessories that’ll add to your wedding day look. The gold women accessories that you find here are maang tikka and naths.

Gold Jewellery Accessories for Women

The gold women accessories on this page are ideal both for the bride as well as the entourage. The maang tikka has simple designs as well as headgear type designs with gemstones set in bezel setting. Meanwhile, the naths are similarly made with gold and gemstone. The best part about the nath is the flexible design that allows a woman to wear it even without having to pierce her ears. Isn’t that great? Here are some of them – Kulini mudhra gold nath, Arvi Mudhra gold nath, Diksya mudhra gold nath, Tavanika mudhra gold nath, Shuki mudhra gold nath, etc. All the jewellery listed above belongs to Kalyan Jewellers’ wedding collection, Mudhra. The Mudhra collection is all about wedding jewellery and includes earrings, bangles and necklaces as well. All the gold women accessories on this page are made exclusively in 22k yellow gold.

Gold Women Accessories Price

The gold women accessories you saw above starts at Rs. 42,761. At this premium price, you get Zyanna mudhra gold maang tikka. This handcrafted jewellery comes with two gemstones and can be worn by the bride on her wedding day or any of the festivities around her wedding. These gold women accessories are quite versatile and can be paired with any traditional outfit. The gold naths above are priced Rs. 49,464 and above. While shopping for jewellery online, the online thing you need to keep an eye on is the hallmarking and authenticity. Every gold jewellery sold at Candere is BIS Hallmarked while every diamond and gemstone jewellery is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from IGI, CGL or SGL. Every jewellery also comes with an invoice that ensures proof of the purchase.