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Gold Studs Earrings

Blasa Gold Earring

Rs. 42,429

Style No GE00233

Azura Gold Earring

Rs. 39,062

Style No GE00231

Advika Gold Earring

Rs. 24,535

Style No GE00081

Michelle Gold Earring

Rs. 24,674

Style No GE00099

Demelza Gold Earring

Rs. 23,428

Style No GE00127

Seraphina Gold Earring

Rs. 22,321

Style No GE00145

Skylar Gold Earring

Rs. 18,955

Style No GE00125

Fiona Gold Earring

Rs. 19,555

Style No GE00141

Verena Gold Earring

Rs. 24,397

Style No GE00113

Evie Gold Earring

Rs. 27,902

Style No GE00149

Emilia Gold Earring

Rs. 17,295

Style No GE00157

Coralie Gold Earring

Rs. 22,321

Style No GE00133

Panita Gold Earring

Rs. 16,187

Style No GE00029

Eeshika Gold Earring

Rs. 34,035

Style No GE00109

Clementine Gold Earring

Rs. 16,741

Style No GE00147

Sadie Gold Earring

Rs. 23,981

Style No GE00153

Give a woman darkness and she will wrap the wounds of the world. Give a woman light and she will guide your heart before her own.

Gold Stud Earrings

Studs are those ear accessories, that are small, and upon wearing, end at the borders of the ear lobes. They will not hang from your ears and are mostly fastened by screws. Almost all of the pieces in this collection are best sellers cause this collection is a perfect balance of contemporary as well as traditional designs, ranging from elaborate to minimal art-work on them. Hence can be worn for festivities, marriages, to work and even to college/school.

Gold Stud Designs

Gold stud earrings are the safest bet in ear jewellery, cause they will always harmonize well with whatever outfit you wear. These studs are usually in floral or leaved shape, design and pattern, even though they make liberal use of geometric patterns too, they look extremely elegant and classy despite minimalism. Like all the other gold jewellery products, even these gold stud designs use rhodium in black and white, even though they can be casted in white or rose pink gold too.

Gold Studs Online

Buying gold studs online is definitely advantageous because they offer several benefits like price and design comparison, brand comparison, comforts of digital shopping experience, best deals, competent pricing, EMI payment, multiple modes of payment & so on. Online shopping experience has been enhanced in the recent past, as more and more buyers are switching to online purchasing via several portals, channels and market places. It is a matter of a few clicks, finger swipes and seconds.

Gold Stud Designs With Price

All the pieces in this collection are priced about INR 20000 or so, to make them really affordable, for products priced above 20,000, there is the interest-free EMI plan and purchase option, that empowers the buyer to complete their purchase at their wish. For festivities, any of these pieces can be customized into an elaborate design to suit the occasion; after all you live only once, why wear boring jewellery at all?


Each of the piece in this collection has a matching pendant or a necklace to go with for festive wear. If you can’t find a match, we shall make one for you, as a special order. So explore your creative side and go ahead, enjoy shopping!


Thanks to an online presence across various digital platforms, Candere reaches out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.


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