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18K Bangles

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  1. Aananadini Diamond Bangle Aananadini Diamond Bangle
    ₹896,471 ₹1,241,663

    30% OFF on Stone Price

  2. Pacheli Star Diamond Bangle Pacheli Star Diamond Bangle
    ₹291,049 ₹331,581

    20% OFF on Stone price

  3. White light Miracle Plate Diamond Bangle White light Miracle Plate Diamond Bangle
    ₹180,956 ₹202,814

    20% OFF on Stone price

  4. Budding Beauty Gold Bangle Budding Beauty Gold Bangle
    ₹68,032 ₹85,542

    50% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  5. Reetuparna Gold Bangle Reetuparna Gold Bangle
    ₹48,380 ₹63,264

    50% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  6. shipFast
    Hetal Gold Bangle Hetal Gold Bangle
    ₹47,148 ₹59,106

    50% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  7. bestSeller
    Shifa Diamond Bangle Shifa Diamond Bangle
    ₹145,913 ₹165,957

    20% OFF on Stone price

  8. bestSeller
    Shambhavi Diamond Bangle Shambhavi Diamond Bangle
    ₹61,757 ₹69,774

    20% OFF on Stone price

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18K Bangles- Epitome of Feminine Grace and Charm

 An ornament that adorns the arm, bangles have been the symbol of grace, beauty, and charm in women since ancient times. Women in India love to adorn themselves with bangles, and the sound it makes adds to the ethnic beauty of women. From the traditional glass bangles to gold ones, women now have the luxury to pick bangles and designs that will suit everyday and occasion wear. 

Bracelets have also evolved as a design from bangles. One can easily accessorize their ensemble with bangles or a charming bracelet. Gold bangles occupy significant importance in the bridal attire of an Indian bride. Generally, gold bangles are made in 22K gold, but as they are heavy, manufacturers today make them in 18K designs too. 18K bangles come in different designs and patterns for you to match any outfit.

The Tradition Behind Wearing 18K Gold Bangles

Indian women have worn bangles since ancient times. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Bangri,’ it means an ‘ornament that adorns the arm.’ Worn by married and unmarried women, one can find evidence of girls and figurines from Mohenjo Daro wearing bangles. Studies show that women wore bangles made of terracotta, shell, copper, silver, bronze, stone, lac and gold, etc. 

Bangles also have astrological importance. The constant friction of bangles to the wrist helps maintain optimum energy levels by improving blood circulation and energy. Bangles made of different materials were worn to balance the several ranges of emotions that a woman would experience.

Different 18k Gold Bangles Design with Price

An indispensable piece of accessory, bangles have evolved in designs. One now has the luxury of mixing shapes, stones, and textures to suit personal styles. Structured and gorgeous bangles represent a timeless approach to accessorizing. Below are some designs in 18K bangles that you can explore when shopping online:

  • Classic Design The classic design comes with a self-textured pattern and is generally sold as a stack. Women buy these for weddings to match them with their bridal outfits and stack them between piles of glass bangles to enhance the look.
  • Diamond Studded Design Bangles with diamonds studded in them are women's favorite. From just one diamond stone to a few ones lined at an equal distance, diamond-studded bangles are a popular choice. Many women prefer to wear just one piece of accentuated jewellery on their arms and opt for this design. Just one is enough to make the arm look radiant.
  • Modern Design Women, nowadays, prefer to pick bangle designs that they can wear to work and on special occasions. Women like to don a universal design that is not too heavy and looks elegant at the same time. 18K bangles with modern designs lend an understated yet impactful look when paired with any outfit.

Price Range for 18k Solid Gold Bangles

18K bangles come in various designs and patterns and are priced to suit the buyer’s budget. Candere has a vast collection of 18K bangles for everyday wear and special occasions.

The range of the 18K bangles starts from INR 30000 and goes up to 1.5 lacs. The price will differ according to weight, size, design, and any stone embedded in the bangle.

Get Your Favorite 18k Gold Bangles Online in India with DGRP

Bangles are an essential piece of jewellery in the Indian tradition. There is a wide palette of designs and patterns for the discerning consumer. Candere allows its customers to avail of the DGRP plan when investing in gold products. The Double Gold Rate Protection is a plan that enables buyers to pay only 10% of the purchase price at the time of checkout, and the remaining can be paid in installments over a period.