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Antique Mangalsutra

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Antique Mangalsutra: Symbol of a Lifelong Bond!!

 Mangalsutra has derived from the words mangal, meaning holy, and sutra, meaning thread symbolising a sacred thread that protects the wearer from all negative energies. Antique mangalsutra generally comes in a black beads chain attached to a gold pendant. According to Hindu beliefs, the antique mangalsutra denotes a bond between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The black beads signify Lord Shiva, while the gold pendant symbolises Goddess Parvati. 

Top Trending Antique Mangalsutra Designs, You shouldn't Miss!! 

Mangalsutra comes in a combination of two strings of black beads and a gold pendant. The trending mangalsutra design comes in chic gold mangalsutra bracelets with diamond installations. These bracelets are designed to cater to modern women who can carry mangalsutra without compromising their comfort. The thoughtful designs and patterns in heart shapes, name initials, evil eyes or floral patterns are specially curated to add elegance to every Indian and Western outfit. Solitaire antique mangalsutra necklace comes in a black bead string attached to a bright solitaire diamond. Other trending mangalsutras are 

  • Flower mangalsutra
  • Personalised mangalsutra with zodiac signs or name initials
  • Meenakari mangalsutra 
  • Minimalistic gold mangalsutra and long-chain mangalsutra 

Antique Mangalsutra Pendants: Something You Love!! 

Antique mangalsutra pendants come in ravishing 22k yellow, white and rose gold complemented by solitaire or multiple diamonds attached to ensure added elegance. The sleek designs can range from traditional floral patterns to personalised designs like the bride's and groom's name initials or zodiac signs. Most mangalsutra pendants are minimalistic, so they can match every outfit and be worn daily. The pendants for mangalsutra bracelets are crafted with multiple gemstones or have gold patterned personalised charms.

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Long/Short Antique Mangalsutra: Choose your Style!! 

Mangalsutra comes in different lengths as per the choice or tradition of the wearer. Generally, brides are gifted mangalsutras which have a length of 22 inches. However, nowadays, women choose to wear antique mangalsutras according to their style and preference and size down to 18 inches or 36 inches, whichever complements their style. The long mangalsutras have more black beads and range higher than the short mangalsutras. Yet the price mostly depends on the intricate designs, the weight of gold and the quality of gemstones used. 

Kalyan Jewellers Antique Mangalsutra: You will not find Anything Like It! 

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers crafts curated antique mangalsutra that will complement your unique style statement. The designs are a subtle blend of tradition and modernity. The mangalsutras are crafted from certified 22k yellow, white and rose gold. You will be swept by the stunning range of affordable luxurious designs which can elevate your look in no time. The antique mangalsutras can start from INR 20,000 and range up to INR 3 Lakhs and more, depending on the weight of the gold, the value of gemstones and the meticulous designs. Explore more here Mangalsutra, gold mangalsutra & diamond mangalsutra.

Love that Antique Mangalsutra? Take it with DGRP Scheme

Candere offers a unique scheme, namely a Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP), where you can get the opportunity to pay only 10% of the entire amount while checkout and can pay the rest of the amount in easy monthly installments. Explore the wide range of antique mangalsutras from Candere and adorn yourself with the latest style. 

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How can I choose a perfect mangalsutra online?

You can explore a wide range of versatile antique mangalsutras online and choose the one according to your aesthetic, budget, occasion, precious metal and chain length.

How much does mangalsutra cost?

Gold mangalsutra weighted 2 gms can cost INR 10,300. This can vary as per the gold rate, metal weight, gemstone weight, etc. However, heavier gold mangalsutras ornated with gemstones can range up to INR 3 Lakhs depending on their style and weight. 

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