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Give yourself a Boost of Positivity with Gemstone Astrological Bracelets

Many wear astrological bracelets next to the skin to counteract negative energy from other planets. Astrology works on human response to the positive and negative radiations from other planets surrounding earth. It is believed that the planets act as a medium for people's karma even though they do not hurt or help humans directly. After a successful interpretation of a person's horoscope, astrological bracelets are recommended. The jewellery suggested for this purpose is often fixated at a specific weight and has particular jewels or metals that are flawless and work perfectly. 

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Astrological Bracelets: The Power of Waving Negatives is Now in your Hands

 Astrological bracelets are mostly made of pure gold, pure copper, or pure silver. The pure metals are often formed into a solid bangle design where the round wires are twisted to form a helix pattern. Some astrological bracelets have specifically customised gemstones carved over them to serve the specific purpose of any individual. 

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Astrological Bangles/Bracelets: Purposely Beautiful

Astrological bangles are designed to be worn around the wrist, above the elbow, or above the bicep muscle. Although bangles which can be worn on the upper arm are highly recommended since they can absorb more negative energy, are more likely to stay pure for a longer duration and can be worn with any outfit.

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Keep the Impact Intact with Periodic Anneal of the Astrological bangles/bracelets

If you have an astrological bracelet, you need to anneal it periodically. The frequency of this cleaning process depends upon the level of stress the bangle encounters. If you encounter a challenging time frequently, you might have to clean the bangle after every stressful situation to bring back its energy. With time the metal absorbs a significant amount of energy which leads to eventual hardening and breakage of the bangle. The annealing process relieves the metal's residual stress and softens it while resetting it to the balanced primary energy.

Customise Astrological Bangles/Bracelets as per your Need and Budget

The cost of bangles is dependent upon the weight of the materials used in the bangle, and the weight and purity of gold, silver and copper and the size of gemstones will determine the cost of the bangle. Candere offers a variety of astrological bracelets that are pure, thoroughly examined and designed to wear with every outfit. Buy best quality astrological bracelets from Candere and get the desired results.

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Get your Recommended Gold Astrological Bangles/Bracelet with DGRP

Do you want to make these astrological bracelets in gold, but your budget is not allowing them? Don't worry. You can choose the Candere DGRP scheme. This Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) scheme can enable you to take away your favourite piece of jewellery after paying only 10 per cent at checkout, and the rest you can pay in instalments.


How Much does an Astrological Bangle/Bracelet Cost?

Depending upon the material and purity of the bangle, the bangle can cost as low as INR 40,000 considering the price and weight of gold, copper and silver. If your bangle has gemstones added to it, the price will rise according to the size and type of gemstone.

Do Astrological Bracelets/Bangles Work?

Astrological bracelets work if the rules are followed properly.

How can I Clean my Astrological Bangle/Bracelet?

Astrological bracelets can be cleaned at home quite easily. Pour some white vinegar into a small pan where the bangle can sink. Now keep the bangle in direct heat for 1 minute while the metal colour gradually changes. Now dip the metal in vinegar, and it will soften. Dry off, and it is ready to wear again.