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Anthara Diamond B...
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Dayanara Diamond ...
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Shilin Diamond Kada
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Tierce Diamond Br...
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Go Round Diamond ...
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Nashua Miracle Plate Diamond Bracelet
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No jewellery set is complete without a set of bangles. While dressing up for a special occasion, a pair of bangles adds the right amount of poise to one’s appearance. Also, the tingling sound of a pair of bangles is often soothing to the ears.
Any ethnic wear would be incomplete without a set of bangles or chudiyaan. The dainty yet elegant pieces of jewellery have always been a requirement for any auspicious event for most women. So, scroll through our websites and let us help you find the perfect pair of bangles.

Design of Bangles

We understand that different women have different preferences which are why our designs vary from simplicity to extravagance and every one of them is exceptional when it comes to its visual appeal. All our bangles design are manufactured with utmost finesse and perfection. At Candere, we are certain that you will find pieces that match your persona and elevate your beauty. Within a few clicks, you will find exactly what you are looking for and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Buy Bangles Online

It's rare to find any jewellery outlet to have an enormous catalog of bangles as we do. And our online portal allows us to bring the store to you, while you choose what works best for you at the comfort of your home. Of Course, gold as an ornament is a pleasure to look at and its value does not only pertain to its appearance but also it's worth. Thus bangles online shopping at Candere gives every bit of information from purity to its weight, on the screen. Bangles online shopping could never be made more of a seamless experience.
We have numerous bangles in gold designs that are suitable for daily wear like Ruchi Gold Bangle, Ganika Gold Bangle, Nelia Gold Bangle, etc.

Bangle Online Shopping

The diamond-embedded gold bangles designs are crafted and designed with precision and perfection. They make the ideal gift for your friends and families for an eventful moment. Our collection also includes bangles from Kalyan Jewellers along with other top designs like Garland, Idaya, and Aaloka. Our online bangle collection will definitely raise your eyebrows with awe.
Buy Bangles Online on Instalment

If you ever see a piece of gold jewellery however it doesn't fit into your budget then do not fret. Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) is a feature from Candere that allows you to invest in gold ornaments in installments without having to worry about fluctuating prices of gold. Thus you get to buy gold without burdening your pockets at once. Pay 10% of the final cart amount to enroll and you can avail your ornaments for the price that it was bought for through regular installments regardless of the prices of gold raising higher. However, in case the gold prices drop then you can finish paying up for the installments and claim your gold ornaments for the revised dropped price. In short you will have to pay for your gold ornaments at the booking day’s rate or less. So do not worry about your wallet going thin at once and shop carefree.

Latest Bangle Designs with Price

Candere gold bangle designs with price in Rupees starts at Rs. 5,000 (approx.) only. The products include daily wear bangle like Inika, Hetvi, Ganika, Jowaki, Itkila, etc. You can also pick up bangle online here for special occasion wear like weddings, gifting, festive, etc. Here are some options for the same – Kaari, Sitara, Kiyoshi, Lakshmi, Vanya, Kasya, etc.

History of Bangles for Woman

Bangles as an ornament are worn to go along with the other jewellery and your attire. Bangles are worn to adorn and bring attention to their wrist and hands. The tradition for bangles can be traced to the era of the Mayans, Romans, Indian, and Mauryan civilizations. Even the Chinese culture has had traditions, where their children wore bangles made from jade as a good omen. In the Indian culture, different types of bangles are worn depending on the geographical regions and each region has a different significance. One such traditional view is that the honeymoon period would end if the last bangle breaks.
Gold bangles are a sign of wealth, strength, and prosperity. Circular gold bangles have much significance in terms of relevance and symbolism. It is also a sign of everlasting love just as the never-ending circular shape of the ornament. It was also believed that gold helps keep a restless woman with high blood pressure, calm. The friction of the bangles at the wrist would increase blood flow to the extremities. Some ancient beliefs are that it sends a soothing aura that passes through the skin and sends it back to the body, thus keeping the energy coarse through the body which gives them enough energy to get through the day. Regardless of the myth being true or not, it's quite evident to see a woman brimming with energy when you gift them gold bangles.

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