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Below 20,000

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Diamond Earrings Below Rs. 20000

Earrings enhance the grace of a girl and the charm of a woman. From twinkling studs to delicate dangles the collection is complete with daily wear earrings starting at 7,000/- only. The products are perfect for gifting without going beyond budget; not only that you can use filters to fine tune your selection procedure to your personality type, age, profession and occasion.

Affordable Diamond Earrings

Under 20K Collection makes it simple and easy for those with a smaller budget to buy something that will last forever in the memories of their loved ones.

Rs. 20,234 Rs. 16,187

Style No C013284

Rs. 18,668 Rs. 14,934

Style No C013295

Rs. 16,713 Rs. 13,370

Style No C013292

Rs. 18,413 Rs. 14,730

Style No C013283

Rs. 19,006 Rs. 15,205

Style No C013240

Rs. 14,051 Rs. 11,241

Style No C013153

Rs. 20,333 Rs. 16,266

Style No C013132

Rs. 17,213 Rs. 13,770

Style No C013118

Rs. 19,909 Rs. 15,927

Style No C012913

Rs. 19,873 Rs. 15,898

Style No C012894

Rs. 17,770 Rs. 14,216

Style No C012864

Rs. 18,643 Rs. 14,914

Style No C012860

Rs. 20,388 Rs. 16,310

Style No C012862

Rs. 19,515 Rs. 15,612

Style No C012858

Rs. 16,123 Rs. 12,898

Style No C012851

Rs. 18,216 Rs. 14,573

Style No C012834