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Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Diamond Women Pendants Below 20,000

Trista Diamond Pendant

Rs. 17,553 Rs. 14,042

Style No C009059

Ixia Diamond Pendant

Rs. 16,355 Rs. 13,084

Style No C010665

Vine Diamond Pendant

Rs. 15,463 Rs. 12,370

Style No C010615

Twin Hearts Butterfly Diamond Pendant

Rs. 18,231 Rs. 14,585

Style No C013256

Cluster Miracle Plate Diamond Pendant

Rs. 14,331 Rs. 11,465

Style No C013000

Masaka Diamond Pendant

Rs. 18,545 Rs. 14,836

Style No C012886

Zinnia Diamond Pendant

Rs. 10,339 Rs. 8,271

Style No C010618

Forever Love Diamond Pendant

Rs. 11,148 Rs. 8,918

Style No C010610

Laureen Diamond Pendant

Rs. 15,569 Rs. 12,455

Style No C008486

Sidra Diamond Pendant

Rs. 15,304 Rs. 12,243

Style No C007897

Dewdrop Diamond Pendant

Rs. 9,580 Rs. 7,664

Style No C010605

Kirsty Diamond Pendant

Rs. 16,221 Rs. 12,977

Style No C009189

Anisha Diamond Pendant

Rs. 19,934 Rs. 15,947

Style No C007872

Sylvia Diamond Pendant

Rs. 18,168 Rs. 14,534

Style No C002673

Pretzel Heart Diamond Pendant

Rs. 11,148 Rs. 8,918

Style No C010612

Darline Heart Diamond Pendant

Rs. 11,905 Rs. 9,524

Style No C008947

Diamond Pendants Below Rs. 20000

For those who love to wear delicate pendants there is an array of designs at your disposal. Take your pick for each day of the week and you will still not go over budget. Yes! The Under 20K Collection offers you pendants of various designs from hearts to religious to floral and even initials for as low as 5000/- to start with. These pendants make for a quintessential gift without burning a hole in your pocket.

Affordable Diamond Pendants

Under 20K Collection makes it simple and easy for those with a smaller budget to buy something that will last forever in the memories of their loved ones.

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