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Below 20,000

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Diamond Pendants Below Rs. 20000

For those who love to wear delicate pendants there is an array of designs at your disposal. Take your pick for each day of the week and you will still not go over budget. Yes! The Under 20K Collection offers you pendants of various designs from hearts to religious to floral and even initials for as low as 5000/- to start with. These pendants make for a quintessential gift without burning a hole in your pocket.

Affordable Diamond Pendants

Under 20K Collection makes it simple and easy for those with a smaller budget to buy something that will last forever in the memories of their loved ones.

Rs. 15,306 Rs. 12,245

Style No C009059

Rs. 20,061 Rs. 16,049

Style No C010703

Rs. 13,965 Rs. 11,172

Style No C010665

Rs. 13,225 Rs. 10,580

Style No C010615

Rs. 18,910 Rs. 15,128

Style No C013278

Rs. 17,054 Rs. 13,643

Style No C013267

Rs. 15,525 Rs. 12,420

Style No C013256

Rs. 20,100 Rs. 16,080

Style No C013253

Rs. 19,436 Rs. 15,549

Style No C013244

Rs. 18,425 Rs. 14,740

Style No C013000

Rs. 12,324 Rs. 9,859

Style No C012886

Rs. 9,003 Rs. 7,202

Style No C010618

Rs. 18,441 Rs. 14,753

Style No C012508

Rs. 9,876 Rs. 7,901

Style No C010610

Rs. 19,564 Rs. 15,651

Style No C010711

Rs. 16,110 Rs. 12,888

Style No R008486