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Diamond Women Rings Below 20,000

(97 Items)
Marie Diamond Wed...
Rs. 18,628 Rs. 14,902

Offer Price: Rs. 11,176 (25% OFF)

Miley Smiley Diam...
Rs. 8,649 Rs. 6,919

Offer Price: Rs. 6,177 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Avirai Diamond Ring
Rs. 15,601 Rs. 12,481

Offer Price: Rs. 9,361 (25% OFF)

Aurelle Miracle P...
Rs. 19,941 Rs. 15,953

Offer Price: Rs. 11,965 (25% OFF)

Snuggled Up Diamond Ring
Rs. 16,798 Rs. 13,438

Offer Price: Rs. 10,078 (25% OFF)

Oh My Love Diamon...
Rs. 10,841 Rs. 8,673

Offer Price: Rs. 7,869 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Aboil Diamond Ring
Rs. 14,795 Rs. 11,836

Offer Price: Rs. 10,410 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Aasmi Diamond Ring
Rs. 18,035 Rs. 14,428

Offer Price: Rs. 10,821 (25% OFF)

For My Queen Diam...
Rs. 13,108 Rs. 10,486

Offer Price: Rs. 9,292 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Dhruvi Diamond Ring
Rs. 16,363 Rs. 13,090

Offer Price: Rs. 11,446 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Taya Diamond Ring
Rs. 18,796 Rs. 15,037

Offer Price: Rs. 12,569 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Reyna Diamond Ring
Rs. 15,374 Rs. 12,299

Offer Price: Rs. 10,655 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Reha Diamond Ring
Rs. 13,315 Rs. 10,652

Offer Price: Rs. 9,008 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Aash Diamond Ring
Rs. 15,354 Rs. 12,283

Offer Price: Rs. 9,212 (25% OFF)

Yousha Diamond Ring
Rs. 16,363 Rs. 13,090

Offer Price: Rs. 11,446 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Eyana Diamond Ring
Rs. 16,685 Rs. 13,348

Offer Price: Rs. 12,524 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)


The trends are changing every day, shouldn’t your dress too? It’s difficult to follow the trends if you pick up premium jewellery. It’s okay to have a statement ring but for the accessory lover, it’s very difficult and monotonous to stick to one piece of a ring on a daily basis. That’s why we came up with diamond rings below 20k. These diamond rings below 20k start as low as Rs. 7,186 only!

Diamond Rings below 20k

The diamond rings below 20k belong to a bunch of collections like Miracle Plate Collection wherein small sized diamonds are placed on shiny plates to give the look of a bigger diamond, Hera collection which is a collection made of pendant sets, Flexi rings that have a flexible shank and can be shopped when in doubt of your ring size or which finger you are planning to wear it, etc.

Here are the top rating diamond rings below 20k to get your started – Ayana diamond ring, Akina diamond ring, Rangoli diamond flexi ring, Argia diamond ring, Floral Petals Miracle Plate diamond ring, Aurelle diamond ring, Angel butterfly diamond gap ring, Prerita hearts diamond ring, The Holyrood diamond ring, etc.

Also note that you can customize the diamond and gold used in these rings. The gold colour (yellow, white, rose gold) and purity (18K and 14K). Diamond quality can be chosen from SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH and VVS EF.

Affordable Diamond Rings

Shopping online will always have benefits that’s unmatched to buying from stores. Not only is the price better with the on-going discounts and offers but also the unmatched catalogue, free shipping, gift wrapping, free engraving on the ring and many more!

Feel free to add more than one diamond rings below 20k in your cart to make your cart value hit 10k so that you can unlock two more Candere advantages – EMI and jewellery insurance. There are two types of EMI at Candere i.e. Plan & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht. Jewellery insurance ensures all your precious diamond rings below 20k is safeguarded from unseen mishaps.