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Bengali Jewellery: Traditionally Beautiful!!

Traditional Bengali jewellery has a subtle influence and classic blend of Hindu, Muslim and foreign cultures due to colonisation. The traditional pieces of jewellery crafted from pure gold and precious gemstones maintain the cultural ethnicity of Bengal. The immaculate precisions in that jewellery have made them a popular choice amongst women. Patti Haar, Jhumko, Nath, Tikli, Crown, Choker, Kaan, Ratanchur, and Nolok are some of the jewellery without which a Bengali wedding is deemed impossible.

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Trending Bengali Jewellery Designs: An Ageless Gift!! 

There are several types of gold jewellery that are predominantly used in Bengal. Tikli is a pendant-like gold head accessory placed right on the mid-part section of hair. The British tiara-inspired gold crowns are attached with Tikli and help keep the veil in place. Crafted from gold, diamond, and other installations, Chik is an essential part of the Bengali choker necklace, which envelopes the neck. Saath Noli Haar is mostly a royal heirloom, a seven-layer necklace crafted from gold. Flat and broad Pati Haar is also another ethnic ornament. Bengali women often wear slender Nupur or anklets. Bengali Jewellery earrings can range from chandelier-shaped gold Jhumkos, meticulously shaped heavy Kaan Baala earrings mimicking the shape of ears, to circle-shaped gold studs called Kaan Pasha. Bengali Nolok or nath comes in a large gold ring attached to a string placed behind the ears. Bengali Bangles come in various shapes and forms with different designs, namely, Chur, Ratanchur, Baala, Mantasha, Beloyari Churi, Noboratna Baala, Shona Badhano Loha, Konkon, Bauti, and Shankha. 

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Bengali Gold Chain/Necklace/ Mangalsutra: Outstanding in Every Way!! 

Unlike other Indian brides, Bengali brides do not wear mangalsutra. However, they wear chic or gold chokers across their neck as an essential part of their traditional jewellery. They also wear pure royal gold comfortable broad Paati Haar necklaces, which are worn in festivities. The prestigious Saath or Paanch Noli Haar is often passed on through lineage. These are seven or five-layer gold necklaces exuding class and royalty. Bengali standalone gold chains come in different gemstone installations, which radiate outstanding beauty. 

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Bengali Gold ring/ Earring/ Pendants: Elegance Personified!! 

Buy your favourite Bengali jewellery online at Candere by Kalyan Jewellers. Explore a wide range of contemporary Bengali rings in yellow, white, or rose gold with diamond or pearl. You can also find traditional certified gold Jhumko earrings and Kaan, which mimic the entire ear's shape with heavy intricacies paired with a small dangler. Bengali pendants come in personalised name initials or Devi adornments, as well as solitaire diamond pendants. The prices of Bengali gold jewellery can start from INR 5,000 and range up to INR 2 Lakhs or higher depending upon the weight of the gold and gemstones used. 

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Take your favourite piece of Bengali Jewellery Home with DGRP

Candere offers a Double Gold Rate Protection scheme that allows the buyer to pay only 10% of the total amount at the checkout of your favourite item, and the remaining amount can be paid in easy installments over a period of a few months. So, why wait? Choose your favourite Bengali jewellery item now only from Candere. 

What is Shakha Pola in Bengali Jewellery?

Shakha is a conch shell crafted white bangle, while Pola is made of red coral. Bengali brides wear each of those in both hands to symbolise unity in marriage, prosperity, and good health. 

What is a Bauti?

The Bauti is half-cut designed wrist jewellery where the adjoining part is popularly carved with peacock designs.


What is traditional Bengali jewellery?

Conch shell bangles or Shakha, Gold plated iron bangles, or Noya and Coral bangles or Pola are an essential part of traditional jewellery in Bengal.