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  1. Solitaire Swing Tourmaline Ring Solitaire Swing Tourmaline Ring
    ₹31,087.00 ₹39,612.00

    55% OFF on Making

  2. The Shamballa Tourmaline Earrings The Shamballa Tourmaline Earrings
    ₹21,777.00 ₹26,264.00

    55% OFF on Making

  3. Ruby Couple Heart Earrings Ruby Couple Heart Earrings
    ₹13,211.00 ₹16,157.00

    55% OFF on Making

  4. The Simon Aquamarine Earrings The Simon Aquamarine Earrings
    ₹14,358.00 ₹17,757.00

    55% OFF on Making

  5. The Arabesque Garnet Earrings The Arabesque Garnet Earrings
    ₹17,754.00 ₹22,628.00

    55% OFF on Making

  6. Angarika Eternity Tourmaline Band Angarika Eternity Tourmaline Band
    ₹25,265.00 ₹28,942.00

    100% OFF on Making

  7. Chitrali Aquamarine Earrings Chitrali Aquamarine Earrings
    ₹94,438.00 ₹101,689.00

    100% OFF on Making

  8. Mangal Murti Ruby Pendant Mangal Murti Ruby Pendant
    ₹13,238.00 ₹15,081.00

    50% OFF on Making

  9. Faceted Sapphire Ring Faceted Sapphire Ring
    ₹117,305.00 ₹126,369.00

    100% OFF on Making

  10. Dangal Aquamarine Earrings Dangal Aquamarine Earrings
    ₹27,318.00 ₹32,252.00

    55% OFF on Making

  11. Sparkling Sapphire Earrings Sparkling Sapphire Earrings
    ₹65,660.00 ₹72,664.00

    100% OFF on Making

  12. Sparkling Sapphire Pendant Sparkling Sapphire Pendant
    ₹21,275.00 ₹23,458.00

    100% OFF on Making

  13. Allura Tanzanite Ring Allura Tanzanite Ring
    ₹65,082.00 ₹72,868.00

    60% OFF on Making

  14. Allura Aquamarine Ring Allura Aquamarine Ring
    ₹33,594.00 ₹40,732.00

    55% OFF on Making

  15. Allura Garnet Ring Allura Garnet Ring
    ₹30,504.00 ₹37,642.00

    55% OFF on Making

  16. Sylvana Tanzanite Ring Sylvana Tanzanite Ring
    ₹54,137.00 ₹59,565.00

    100% OFF on Making

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Birthstone Jewellery

Jewellery lovers often love a splash of colour in their jewellery since it immediately adds good vibes to the wearer’s mood. Each month of the calendar is allotted one (or more) gemstone and hence is known as the birthstone of that month. Birthstone jewellery is a pretty common type of fine coloured jewellery that you will find.

In this page, you will find a mixture of jewellery options suitable for kids as well as elderly people i.e. the 2200+ jewellery designs below has fancy detachable designs for the younger generation as well as intricate navratna rings for the elderly. Go ahead and explore the world of birthstone jewellery at Candere.

Birthstone Jewellery Designs

Birthstone jewellery is quite an interesting piece of accessory every girl must have in her wardrobe. It adds an instant blast of colours to your appearance and we think no one should miss out on that one!

If you are not much of a birthstone jewellery person, you’re missing out on something really fun. One of the most unmissable ones is the Detachables i.e. simple designs for office wear and fancy additional pieces for the evening hangouts. There are multiple options in this like Ravishing Regalia, Crysanthemums, Firangipani, etc. If you are more of the simple type, go for the earrings where the main highlight is the birthstone itself.

You can also get your cocktail ring with both diamond and gemstone to compliment your looks when you hang out with your girlfriends.

Garden Dew, Fairy Tale, Fairyland Diamond and Prancing Pearl are some of the dainty necklaces that get a lot of appreciation when worn because they make a good work wear as well as casual wear accessory. We also have a bunch of fancy birthstone jewellery options for you like bracelets, sui dhaga earrings, trendy rings and many more for you to explore below.

Birthstone Jewellery for Men and Women

One of the common types of jewellery that you’ll see both men and women sporting is gemstone jewellery. People love wearing birthstones because it’s considered as personalized stuff and not everyone would wear your stone. The page not only includes a variety of options for both men and women but also unisex jewellery that you can share with your loved one who shares the same birthstone as you do! The stones you find above are Ruby, Emerald, Iolite, Blue Sapphire, Peridot, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Garnet, Coral, Tanzanite… and many more! What’s your birthstone? Also explore our Diamond Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings, Solitaire Rings, Stone Rings & Men’s Diamond Rings.

Buy Birthstone Jewellery Online

Shopping jewellery online opens one up to a pool of options. At Candere, all types of birthstone jewellery can be found - Blue Sapphire, Iolite, Citrine, Emerald, Red Spinel, Green Onyx, etc. Be content with your jewellery online shopping at Candere because you not only get ample options but also the freedom to pay via your preferred means of payment i.e. Credit card, Debit card, Cash On Delivery, NEFT, bank transfer, etc. Besides, you can get the jewellery delivered for free to your home anywhere in Indian for absolutely no shipping charges. Also explore our Rings, Men's Ring, Gold Rings, Stone Rings, Men’s Gold Rings, Platinum Rings & Couple Rings.

Kalyan Jewellers Birthstone Jewellery

We have a couple of Kalyan Jewellers birthstone collections listed with us. These are Rang, Nimah, Anokhi, Rang, Sankalp and Vedha. These collections include earrings, bangles, necklaces, etc. Shop jewellery from online store and get them delivered to your home. Also explore our Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, White Gold Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery, Stone jewellery & 22K Gold Jewellery Shopping.