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Kada Bracelet- One Impressionable Piece of Accessory

Bangles have always been the popular choice of accessory for the hands. Gold bangles have their own charm. But with changing trends and choices of customers, the bracelet and kada have caught on as a fashion trend. Kada bracelets or bracelet comes as stand-alone piece and is great to pair with any ensemble. 

Most women now prefer to invest in a bracelet as they do not have to worry about investing more in a whole pair and can own a piece that looks elegant and charming. What's more, kada bracelets can be worn by men too. The market has several designs for both men and women, which have universal appeal. Explore more here gold kada, gold mens kada, gold punjabi kada & punjabi kada.

Reason Behind Wearing Kada or Bracelet

The kada owes its origin to the Sikh religion. Sikhs, both men, and women are expected to wear a kada on their wrist as part of their culture and tradition. Originally, Sikhs wore kada made of copper or silver. 

With time, the kada became a modified piece of jewellery, and several cultures adopted the style. In West Bengal, it is common for women to wear a thick gold kada as part of the tradition. Bracelets, of course, are modified versions of bangles. 

Slender, sleek, and graceful, these kadas are made to suit the wrist and enhance one’s look and style. Kada bracelets or bracelets are exquisite pieces of jewellery, and most people wish to possess at least one of them in their jewellery closets. In a nutshell, bracelets and kada bracelets in gold are alternatives to chunky bangles and are ideal for those who like to make a style statement but remain on the top of the quotient level.

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Different Styles of Kada Bracelets

Kada bracelets come in different styles and designs. As mentioned earlier, they are versatile jewellery pieces and are made to suit the look of every individual. For men, they are made with a combination of leather or any other material to make them look strappy and funky. For women, they are made like bangles with some custom-made design on them. Explore more here Bracelets, Gold Bracelets For Men, Gold Bracelets & Diamond Bracelets.

  • Bracelets for Women

Made in gold, primarily bracelets for women come in popular designs. Most of them are circular and come with a design at the edges. These designs are either made of gold, diamond, or even stones.  

  • Bracelets for Men

Contrary to popular belief, bracelets are more prevalent among men than women.  Men love to accessorize, too, and the bracelet is the most famous jewellery men like to adorn. Bracelets for men come in gold and leather to make them look like a strap band and trendier.  They can be paired with both formal and casual wear.

  • Bracelets for Religious Purposes

Men and women wear bracelets with rudraksha and other stones for religious reasons. When worn with gold, these stones are said to have positive effects on the body.

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Price Range for Bracelets and Kada Bracelets

Kada bracelets and bracelets for men and women come in different designs. Made with pure gold, the bracelets and kada bracelets vary in price according to design, size, shape, and pattern. Candere has a wide collection of kada bracelets and bracelets that customers can choose from

The range of the 18K bangles starts from INR 30000 and goes up to 1.5 lacs. 

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Get Your Kada Bracelets and bracelets with DGRP

Candere now offers the DGRP plan to their customers when buying gold ornaments. Customers can now book jewellery online through the DGRP plan, which lets them pay only 10% of the purchase amount at the time of checkout. The balance amount needs to be paid in installments. The installment amount and purchase price do not vary with the changes in the price of gold.


Q. How to wear a men's kada bracelet?

You must wear it around your wrists, preferably on the right hand.

Q. Which looks good for men- kada or bracelet?

Both carry a unique style and depend on the look of the wearer. You can switch things up with a bracelet, whereas a kada can be worn all day and at any time.

Q. Why do men wear kada and not bracelets?

Kada is a part of the popular Indian culture. It is often worn as a sign of power in Sikh and Punjabi cultures. Bracelets are an accessory that one can wear to style their final look. Thus, it is an individual’s choice.