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Bridal Anklets


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24 Items

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Bridal Anklets - The Sound of Elegance!!

Bridal anklets are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery, that brides wear during their marriage. These are also familiar as ankle bracelets and look good on your foot. It has become fashionable jewellery in modern times and is paired with formal or casual attire. They are available in various sizes, designs, colours, and patterns that enhance your beauty. The harmonious sound of chan-chan-chan brings your house happiness and positive vibes, as it symbolises good luck and is deeply implanted in Indian culture. The bridal anklets have their own significance and are adorned with mehendi and gorgeous sandals. 

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Bridal Anklets for the Wedding - Step Up your Grace!!

Besides bangles, earrings, necklaces, waistband, maang tikka, wedding ring, armlet, nose ring, etc., a bridal anklet is the most important piece of jewellery for many Indian brides. With elegant designs and a comfortable fit, bridal anklets offer an exquisite touch to give you a stylish look. Apart from traditional customs, these foot jewellery pieces enhance the appearance of the mehendi and make the bride look very charming. The bridal anklets add the classic taste to the wedding day outfit, increasing the bride's overall look. A vast collection of bridal anklets is available, and brides can choose based on their preferences.

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Trendy Bridal Anklets: Never Go Out of Style!!

Bridal anklets are the most important part of your bridal look and enhance the beauty of the henna-decorated foot. They are not only decorating your foot but also a traditional piece of jewellery that is required for a bride. Few trending bridal anklets are 

  • Silver anklets embellished with chunky, colourful jewels
  • Oxidized silver anklets
  • Payal designs with pearl droppings 
  • Mirror-work anklets 
  • Floral Payal designs 
  • Traditional gold Payal
  • Broad silver anklets with emerald and Kundan embellishments
  • Floral anklet, intricate payal design, and many more.

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Bridal Anklets Designs - Uniqueness Galore!!

Candere offers an enormous range of unique bridal anklet designs in many shapes, colours and designs. It looks stunning and gives an exotic look. The bridal anklets provide a glamorous look with any bracelet, ring, earring, etc., because of their detailed design and showcase the elegance of mehendi. Some designs include 

  • Pial Gold Anklet with Pearl 
  • Flower Evil Eye Gold Anklet 
  • Floral Trail Gold Anklet
  • Footloose Gold Anklet 
  • Unstoppable Gold Anklet
  • Pearl Diamond Anklet
  • Joane Pink Pearl Diamond Anklet 
  • The Stars Pearl Diamond Anklet
  • Leafly Pink Pearl Diamond Anklet 
  • Tip Toes Gold Anklet 
  • Beating Heart Gold Anklet 
  • Leafstream Gold Anklet, etc.

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Kalyan Jewellers Bridal Anklets Designs - Experience Authenticity with Variety

In many attractive designs, Kalyan Jewellers offer a wide collection of bridal anklets crafted with various precious metals like gold, diamond, etc. Browse through their unique collection and shop online for your favourite piece of jewellery from Candere based on your preferences like the length of the anklet, type of metal, design, colour, etc., and have a great addition to your bridal jewellery kit.  

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Take Home your Chosen Gold Bridal Anklet with DGRP.

Why leave your favourite gold bridal anklet behind just because of some cash crunch. Avail Candere's DGRP plan. Double Gold Rate Protection is a scheme that allows the buyer to pay only 10% of the total amount at the checkout, and the remaining amount can be paid in easy installments over a period of a few months.


Why do brides wear anklets?

In some parts of India, anklets are worn by married women only, which signifies their marital status.

From which metals do bridal anklets comprise?

Bridal anklets comprise precious metals like silver, gold, etc.

What is the ideal size of beads in bridal anklets?

The ideal size of beads in bridal anklets is 4 mm.

How are bridal anklets measured?

Bridal anklets are measured with non-stretchy string or flex tape above the ankle bone.