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Bridal Bangles

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  1. ourPick
    Bhargavi Gold Bangle Bhargavi Gold Bangle
    ₹100,498.00 ₹123,225.00

    60% OFF on Making

  2. Iksha Gold Bangle Iksha Gold Bangle
    ₹83,487.00 ₹102,367.00

    60% OFF on Making

  3. Pallavini Nimah Gold Bangle Pallavini Nimah Gold Bangle
    ₹117,759.00 ₹150,578.00

    60% OFF on Making

  4. Kasya Sankalp Gold Bangle Kasya Sankalp Gold Bangle
    ₹278,846.00 ₹344,033.00

    60% OFF on Making

  5. Tarati Nivara Gold Bangle Tarati Nivara Gold Bangle
    ₹273,691.00 ₹337,673.00

    60% OFF on Making

  6. Tarhi Nivara Gold Bangle Tarhi Nivara Gold Bangle
    ₹193,548.00 ₹238,796.00

    60% OFF on Making

  7. Aakarsha Diamond Bangle Aakarsha Diamond Bangle
    ₹417,231.00 ₹665,630.00

    40% OFF on Stone Price

  8. Deepsitha Diamond Bangle Deepsitha Diamond Bangle
    ₹762,411.00 ₹1,234,978.00

    40% OFF on Stone Price

  9. Kanchana Mudhra Gold Bangle Kanchana Mudhra Gold Bangle
    ₹101,007.00 ₹124,236.00

    60% OFF on Making

  10. Aarunya Nivara Gold Bangle Aarunya Nivara Gold Bangle
    ₹432,461.00 ₹533,561.00

    60% OFF on Making

  11. Deviki Nivara Gold Bangle Deviki Nivara Gold Bangle
    ₹89,978.00 ₹110,325.00

    60% OFF on Making

  12. Anavi Nivara Gold Bangle Anavi Nivara Gold Bangle
    ₹110,747.00 ₹135,791.00

    60% OFF on Making

  13. Niesha Nivara Gold Bangle Niesha Nivara Gold Bangle
    ₹109,927.00 ₹134,786.00

    60% OFF on Making

  14. Aapti Nimah Gold Bangle Aapti Nimah Gold Bangle
    ₹113,079.00 ₹144,692.00

    60% OFF on Making

  15. Edha Nimah Gold Bangles Edha Nimah Gold Bangles
    ₹135,307.00 ₹173,208.00

    60% OFF on Making

  16. Mishka Nimah Gold Bangles Mishka Nimah Gold Bangles
    ₹142,620.00 ₹181,987.00

    60% OFF on Making

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Bridal Gold Bangles Design Trends

Becoming a bride is always the dream of every woman. They want to marry a good man and wear the best things on their special day. The bride always wants everything perfect on that day. Starting from decoration to her dress and the most important is her jewellery. Parents save money and give their children the best; hence purchasing the best bridal bangles is important. The different designs will always attract women. We have a range of products on our website for you to see.  

Candere brings you the best bridal bangles for your special day. Check out our latest jewellery on our website.

Buy Bridal Bangles Online

When it comes to marriage, it needs to be perfect, and everything needs to be a place, then why do you need to buy bridal bangles online? Online is the best place where you will get the best material at an affordable price and a wide range of products. Not to mention all the products will reach you before time. You do not need to go out of your house, and you can choose the designs in your house and purchase them easily. Hence, you can work easily for your wedding ceremony without thinking about your bridal bangles because you will get them on time. Also explore our Bangles, Gold Bangles, Diamond Bangles, Traditional Bangles & Daily Wear Bangles.

Bridal Gold Bangles Designs with Price

The new bridal bangle designs are very elegant, and women love the designs. You will get the best bridal bangles designs with a price affordable. The gold bridal bangles are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Many women like to wear heavy and thick bangles, and we have the ideal ones for them. You will find simple to very detailed, attractive design bridal bangles on our website.  

You will find Arabic designs to simple leaf designs on your bagels. The price of gold varies with the weight of the bangle; hence, the price range is from INR 20,000 to above. Also explore our solitaire bracelet, gold bracelets for men, mangalsutra bracelet, cuff bracelet, charm bracelet, & kids bracelets.

Kalyan jewellers Bridal Bangles

The Kalyan jewellers bridal bangles are some of the famous bangles; you will find more beautiful pieces on our webpage. All our brides visiting the page will love to wear our bangles. You will get full details of the bridal bangles on the website. Starting from the weight of the bangle to the thickness. As every woman has a different hand size, hence you can place the size, and the perfect sized bridal bangles will be delivered to your doorstep. Also explore our bracelets, gold bracelets for women, diamond bracelets, stone bracelets, platinum bracelets & bracelets kada.

Buy bridal bangles with DGRP

If you are thinking about how to purchase bangles with such high gold rates, then don’t worry; we have the best solution for you. You should buy bridal bangles with DGRP or Double Gold Rate Price. The scheme offers different benefits like:

  • You can lock the price of gold by giving 10% of the price.

  • You will purchase the bridal bangles without any processing fee or high-interest rates.

  • You can pay your money in monthly installments. The installment range from 2 to 6 months plan, and for diamond stones embedded in gold bangles, the installment plan ranges from 2 to 12 months.

Even if the gold prices increase, you can pay the installment at the initial rate, but if the gold rates fall, you can choose revised rates. Also explore our leather bracelets, chain bracelets, tennis bracelets, link bracelets, beaded bracelets & multistrand bracelet.