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Budget Jewellery

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    Kitty Diamond Pendant for kids Kitty Diamond Pendant for kids
    ₹3,615.00 ₹4,243.00

    30% OFF on Making

  2. Leo Cross Gold Earring Leo Cross Gold Earring
    ₹4,798.00 ₹5,416.00

    20% OFF on Making

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    Trisa Heart Diamond Pendant Trisa Heart Diamond Pendant
    ₹5,094.00 ₹5,718.00

    30% OFF on Making

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    Sasha Diamond Pendant For Kids Sasha Diamond Pendant For Kids
    ₹4,625.00 ₹5,763.00

    50% OFF on Making

  5. Red apple Gold Earrings for kids Red apple Gold Earrings for kids
    ₹5,326.00 ₹5,968.00

    20% OFF on Making

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    My hearts Stud Earrings for kids My hearts Stud Earrings for kids
    ₹5,386.00 ₹6,035.00

    20% OFF on Making

  7. Devashree Gold Pendant Devashree Gold Pendant
    ₹5,508.00 ₹6,141.00

    20% OFF on Making

  8. Vijayalakshmi Gold Pendant Vijayalakshmi Gold Pendant
    ₹5,679.00 ₹6,332.00

    20% OFF on Making

  9. Crab Apple Diamond Pendant for kids Crab Apple Diamond Pendant for kids
    ₹5,820.00 ₹6,546.00

    30% OFF on Making

  10. Stargaze Kids Gold Earrings Stargaze Kids Gold Earrings
    ₹5,907.00 ₹6,562.00

    20% OFF on Making

  11. shipFast
    Pesty Butterfly Kids Gold Earrings Pesty Butterfly Kids Gold Earrings
    ₹5,907.00 ₹6,562.00

    20% OFF on Making

  12. Firestar Diamond Pendant For Kids Firestar Diamond Pendant For Kids
    ₹5,435.00 ₹6,597.00

    50% OFF on Making

  13. For My Lady Gold Ring For My Lady Gold Ring
    ₹6,002.00 ₹6,642.00

    20% OFF on Making

  14. Lovie Dovie Gold Ring Lovie Dovie Gold Ring
    ₹6,002.00 ₹6,642.00

    20% OFF on Making

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Everyone loves adorning themselves with jewellery. But sometimes we tend to love some fancy designs which are beyond our budget and we have to settle for something else. Keeping this despair in mind, we put together some stylish budget jewellery that is easily affordable by all.

Budget Jewellery Online

The budget jewellery you see on this page are for both men and women as well as includes a couple of unisex budget jewellery. You will find all types of jewellery on this page like rings, earrings, bands, chains, pendants, mangalsutras and necklaces. Which budget jewellery are you looking for?

Budget Jewellery Types

There are broadly four types of budget jewellery - diamond, gemstone, gold and platinum.

All the gold ornaments you find in this page are budget gold jewellery with fancy designs at pocket-friendly pricing. The rings listed in gold budget jewellery are quite fancy, thus making them perfect for gifting purposes. The eternity ring designs are pretty amazing and will make the best gift for proposal or other occasions. Here are the top eternity ring designs Elowen, Briana, The Braided Beauty, April, Autumn, Auspen, etc. April gold ring has been one of our best sellers for a very long time!

Everyone loves wearing diamond jewellery because anyone would love wearing sparkle. The budget diamond jewellery you see above are best suited when you need to dress up for an event. The fanciest designs include the flexi rings like Just the One, Roses, Rangoli, Seven is Heaven, etc. Other fancy designs in budget diamond jewellery include Initial diamond mangalsutra bracelet, Love Itch, Dazzling Daisies, Stunning Gerbera, Serenity, Masaka, Viola, Folding Leaf, Lovemania, etc. Tip: Look up for Miracle Plate products to get your favourite designs at a more affordable price!

If you have a thing for platinum jewellery you’re in for a treat. Explore budget platinum jewellery in ring, earring and chain. The designs include simple as well as fancy designs. There is also a couple of diamond platinum jewellery like Pure Hearts, Tree Hearts, Couple, Rosalie, Cuddle, etc. These are a mix of pendants and rings.

Shop preciousgemstone jewellery at pocket-friendly pricing. This budget gemstone jewellery is suitable for multiple occasions like daily wear, gifting, casual outings, work wear, festive, party wear, anniversary and wedding. If you’re planning to gift these budget jewellery to someone, here are few designs to go with – Crysanthemums gemstone earrings, Dishita ring, Elsie earrings, Single Is Fun gap ring, African daisy earrings, Daunting Dahlia gemstone earrings, Firangipani gemstone earrings, etc. Most of these budget jewellery gemstones can be swapped with other gemstones with some difference in pricing.

Budget Jewellery Designs

Sparkly party wear or offbeat daily wear, you can find it all here. The designs can be categorized based on the material it’s made from i.e. gold, diamond, gemstone and platinum. Moreover, the jewellery can also be bifurcated based on the wearer i.e. men, women and kids. Make sure to apply the filter to make your list shorter and more concise.

Budget Jewellery Price

Shop affordable onlinejewellery at Candere where kids jewellery starts as low as Rs.2,900 (approx.) with Kitty diamond pendant for kids and Rs.4,800 (approx.) with Sneh Pink Spinel pendant for grownups. You can do your Diwali jewellery shopping for your munchkin here. The kids budget jewellery listed on this page are gold jewellery makes their face shine brightly with a burst of colors like red, blue, green, pink, orange, etc. Shop budget jewellery with designs that’ll always make you stand out. Also explore ourPlatinum JewelleryPlatinum BraceletsPlatinum PendantsPlatinum EarringsPlatinum Chains Platinum Rings.