Christmas Jewellery

Christmas Jewellery

(1131 Items)
Spring Solitaire ...
Rs. 61,071 Rs. 48,857

Offer Price: Rs. 36,540 (40% off on Solitaire Prices)

The Cross Pendant
Rs. 17,940 Rs. 14,352

Offer Price: Rs. 12,807 (50% Making on Diamond Jewellery)

The Kamloops Diamond Ring
Rs. 38,519 Rs. 30,815

Offer Price: Rs. 25,920 (40% off on Solitaire Prices)

The Eternal Love Ring
Rs. 73,239 Rs. 58,591

Offer Price: Rs. 43,567 (40% off on Solitaire Prices)

Cornflower Solita...
Rs. 81,991 Rs. 65,593

Offer Price: Rs. 49,495 (40% off on Solitaire Prices)

The Simon Aquamarine Earring
Rs. 18,513 Rs. 14,810

Style No C000674

The Arabesque Garnet Earring
Rs. 21,328 Rs. 17,062

Offer Price: Rs. 13,833 (50% Making on Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery)

The Ultimate Tanzanite Earring
Rs. 39,126 Rs. 31,301

Offer Price: Rs. 22,698 (40% off on Solitaire Prices)

Haris Diamond Wed...
Rs. 50,003 Rs. 40,002

Offer Price: Rs. 27,307 (Zero Making on Diamond Jewellery)

James Diamond Wed...
Rs. 42,773 Rs. 34,218

Offer Price: Rs. 28,410 (50% Making on Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery)

Lily Diamond Wedding Band For Her
Rs. 54,428 Rs. 43,542

Offer Price: Rs. 31,182 (Zero Making on Diamond Jewellery)

Abelard Diamond Wedding Band For Him
Rs. 54,841 Rs. 43,873

Offer Price: Rs. 36,649 (50% Making on Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery)

Ships Fast
Heloise Diamond W...
Rs. 35,838 Rs. 28,670

Offer Price: Rs. 23,263 (50% Making on Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery)

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0.20ct Knife Edge...
Rs. 31,469 Rs. 25,175

Offer Price: Rs. 17,936 (40% off on Solitaire Prices)

0.35ct Knife Edge Diamond Ring
Rs. 76,468 Rs. 61,174

Offer Price: Rs. 39,797 (40% off on Solitaire Prices)

Royal Diamond Eng...
Rs. 111,290 Rs. 89,032

Offer Price: Rs. 60,817 (40% off on Solitaire Prices)


Buy jewellery online for Christmas at Candere. Besides keeping in mind that we deliver the best in class designs to you, we have also made sure all the premium discounts are in your budget with our offers.

In this page, you will find 1200+ Christmas jewellery starting as low as Rs.5747 (approx.). There are also a handful of kids Christmas jewellery that starts at an even lower price in multiple shades and purities of gold. You can see most of the jewellery in white gold. However, they are also available in Yellow Gold and Rose Gold as well.

Gold Christmas Jewellery

Candere has a huge collection of gold rings, gold pendants, gold earrings, old bracelets, gold necklaces, etc. There is 1100+ diamond jewellery on this page that uses gold as a metal.

One of the fanciest diamond jewellery is the flexi diamond rings. The flexible chain makes it the best giftable jewellery where you don’t have to worry about the fit.

Diamond Christmas Jewellery

Christmas, being one of the best times for gifting your loved ones, explore all types of diamond jewellery here - diamond ring, diamond pendants, diamond earrings and diamond bracelets. Each type of jewellery has multiple designs to choose from.

For instance, we have 330+ diamond pendants for women, Besides women’s pendants, you can also find men’s pendants above – Celtic, Alex, Zarifah, Bajrangi, etc. Interestingly, you will also find many unisex pendants such as The Candere B pendant, Sridharaya, Dhan Laxmi, Holy cross, Shubhan, Eshanputra, Yogi, Shripada, etc.

These designs not only make these the perfect Christmas jewellery but also for other occasions like daily wear, office wear, party wear, festive, engagement, etc.

Platinum Christmas Jewellery

Platinum is loved only by a certain breed of jewellery lovers. If you’re one of them, you are in for a treat. We have a handful of platinum jewellery that’ll make the best Christmas jewellery for you and your loved ones. The 40+ handpicked platinum Christmas jewellery that you see above includes both rings and pendants. From the girl-next-door designs to classic solitaires, you can find all such designs above.

If you are a solitaire lover, you will be delighted to see the range of solitaire products available on this page like illusion solitaire, simply solitaire, accent solitaire, halo solitaire and three stones. 

The styles in the ring for platinum Christmas jewellery includes a delicate ring, band ring, solitaires, eternity ring and three stone ring. Meanwhile, the pendants can be divided into pendants with bail and pendant without bail.

This platinum Christmas jewellery starts as low as Rs. 13,930 only! Also explore our Platinum Jewellery, Platinum Bracelets, Platinum Pendants, Platinum Earrings, Platinum Chains & Platinum Rings.


Christmas Gifts Online

Shop Christmas jewellery online and walk out with saving, thanks to our on-going offers that run all year round to ease your online shopping experience. You can also avail any of the flexible payment options like a debit card, credit card, cash on delivery, online transfer, etc. For any Christmas jewellery priced above Rs. 10,000, you can enjoy multiple EMI options as well as jewellery insurance at a basic price.

Shop your Christmas jewellery today and we will be happy to gift wrap your present! Also explore our Personalized Jewellery Gifts, Anniversary Gifts for Her, Birthday Gifts for Her & Valentine Gifts.

New Year Gift Jewellery

With the year coming to an end, it's time for new beginnings - new resolution, new year, etc. How about doing so in a beautiful piece of jewellery that'll motivate you. This page consists of over a thousand designs for you to choose from. The designs are mostly for women followed by kids and men. We also have a handful of unisex designs if you're looking for the same. The designs listed here are rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. We believe that jewellery shouldn't be stored up in your lockers for once-a-year occasions, rather, they should be worn daily that will add to your every day or work look. These designs are available in a bunch of different options such as stud earrings, solitaire rings, wedding bands, dangle earrings, pendants, etc. What's interesting to note is, the jewellery you find in this page are also available in multiple gold shades - yellow gold, white gold and rose. In fact, some designs are available in a mix of two tones. Customize the jewellery in your choice of gold metal colour. Additionally, if you like a piece of jewellery, don't forget to check out similar designs too. Also explore our Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, White Gold Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery, Stone jewellery & 22K Gold Jewellery Shopping.

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