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Diamond Bands Rings for men

Ron Diamond Band For Him

Rs. 61,462 Rs. 55,282

Style No C003471

Clyde Diamond Wedding Band For Him

Rs. 59,915 Rs. 52,087

Style No C002895

Winston Diamond Wedding Band For Him

Rs. 57,343 Rs. 51,163

Style No C003473

Daryl Diamond Band

Rs. 76,338 Rs. 69,499

Style No C002865

Barry Diamond Band

Rs. 54,732 Rs. 48,140

Style No C002859

Pranav Diamond Ring

Rs. 117,006 Rs. 110,249

Style No C005024

Donald Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 51,417 Rs. 44,001

Style No C002658

Ronald Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 74,712 Rs. 65,071

Style No C006987

Kanye Diamond Wedding Band For Him

Rs. 46,624 Rs. 42,257

Style No C002856

Thomas Diamond Wedding Band For Him

Rs. 45,309 Rs. 39,047

Style No C002870

Grayson Diamond Ring

Rs. 71,657 Rs. 62,593

Style No C006980

Ben Diamond Wedding Band For Him

Rs. 58,917 Rs. 53,314

Style No C002838

Kari Diamond Band

Rs. 55,796 Rs. 50,193

Style No C002991

Rhyan Diamond Band

Rs. 47,038 Rs. 41,270

Style No C003476

Abelard Diamond Wedding Band For Him

Rs. 43,715 Rs. 38,277

Style No C001389

Edward Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 44,079 Rs. 38,558

Style No C006906

Diamonds are forever; my youth is not - Jill St. John

Diamond Bands For Him

Women who are style icons, who inspire, motivate and lead are known as “Diva” – imbibed with royalty and majestic qualities. Have you wondered what their male counterpart would be known as? The ‘Soprano’, the ‘Divo’ the Gentleman, the King – he is the style icon for male fashionistas and inspire young minds. He is the go-getter, the fearless and he is the virile; he is celebrated.


For he will adorn himself with only the best, in other words, with diamonds and all things precious; cause who ever said only women are obsessed with / can adorn themselves with diamonds and bling? Men look hot in diamonds too now, don’t they? Now-a-days, diamonds have become a way of life and jewellery has become a benchmark for identification.

Diamond Bands Designs

Diamond band designs for men on Candere are hand crafted designs, that are versatile in their styling and also the no of stones, shapes and carats of stones, the band width is usually thicker compared to women’s bands, and the placement of diamonds is in such a manner, that it’s hard to figure out the start and finish of the stones. Hence, the name bands; the main difference is the uniformity – of stone-settings, of thickness throughout. Even though, there could be a few other styles also: like with three or five or multiple stones, usually in round, set in either pave or channel setting throughout the circumference of the band. For this reason, the bands look classy and elegant.

Diamond Bands Rings India

Candere offers the EMI plan and purchase option for buying jewellery online so you don’t have to restrain yourself when you fall in love with an exclusive design and want to own one. Now shop online with peace of mind and buy that dream jewellery you have been yearning for. Ask for an EMI plan or make your own plan to complete your purchase with interest-free instalments. This also ensures price protection for your purchase.

Diamond Band Ring Designs

Thanks to competent policies, USPs and other customer friendly policies with Candere, buying mends diamond bands online is so much fun; especially for couples looking forward to tie the knots or married couples, who are enjoying marital bliss. Mends diamond bands make for the perfect exchange-rings, promise-rings, wedding-bands, engagement rings, anniversary gifts, and the perfect beautiful gift for just any occasion. Whilst buying mend diamond bands online, make sure to select your ring size, make sure to give accurate instructions in your order query to attain the perfect jewellery to your loves one/s.

Hallmarked Diamond Bands

Whether it is diamond or gemstone jewellery that you purchase, never compromise on the fifth C - Certificate. You have invested enough time money and energy on the 4 Cs, why compromise on the fifth one? If you are buying an item of high value, it has to be accompanied with a proper certificate and document issued only by authentic certifying labs; Candere gems are approved by IGI. All our gold jewellery products are BIS hallmarked; we value your trust and faith on us and justify it by selling you only authentic precious jewellery.


Thanks to an online presence across various digital platforms, Candere reaches out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.

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