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Diamond Bracelets

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    Aquila Diamond Bracelet Aquila Diamond Bracelet
    ₹31,848.00 ₹37,533.00

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    Breah Diamond Bracelet Breah Diamond Bracelet
    ₹22,966.00 ₹27,004.00

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    Ariane Diamond Bracelet Ariane Diamond Bracelet
    ₹15,966.00 ₹17,718.00

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    Ambria Diamond Bracelet Ambria Diamond Bracelet
    ₹29,399.00 ₹33,437.00

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    Zadie Diamond Bracelet Zadie Diamond Bracelet
    ₹32,177.00 ₹37,255.00

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    Celestia Diamond Bracelet
    ₹24,566.00 ₹28,418.00

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    Astroria Diamond Bracelet Astroria Diamond Bracelet
    ₹17,751.00 ₹21,025.00

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    Sirrah Diamond Bracelet Sirrah Diamond Bracelet
    ₹25,302.00 ₹28,897.00

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    Meissa Diamond Bracelet For Kids
    ₹13,676.00 ₹15,963.00

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    Cycla Diamond Bracelet For Kids
    ₹17,804.00 ₹20,337.00

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    Atlanta Diamond Bracelet For Kids
    ₹14,865.00 ₹17,584.00

    100% OFF on Making

  12. Rose Mallow Diamond Bracelet For Kids Rose Mallow Diamond Bracelet For Kids
    ₹11,413.00 ₹14,050.00

    100% OFF on Making

  13. Cygnus Heart Diamond Bracelet For Kids Cygnus Heart Diamond Bracelet For Kids
    ₹12,168.00 ₹14,908.00

    100% OFF on Making

  14. bestSeller
    Conquering Love Diamond Bracelet Conquering Love Diamond Bracelet
    ₹20,736.00 ₹24,552.00

    100% OFF on Making

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    Conjoined Hearts Diamond Bracelet Conjoined Hearts Diamond Bracelet
    ₹21,476.00 ₹25,328.00

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  16. Bird In A Clique Diamond Bracelet Bird In A Clique Diamond Bracelet
    ₹22,703.00 ₹26,906.00

    100% OFF on Making

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Diamond Bracelets For Women

Modern and minimalistic jewellery has become the biggest trend now. Suitable for daily wear, office wear, or fancy parties, this style of jewellery is ideal for any occasion and any outfit. And with the increasing trend of such pieces, gold bracelets have found their fame again, finding a place in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman!

We, at Candere, understand your need for simple and elegant jewellery. If you are looking for pieces that make you stand out on the simplest of occasions with the simplest of outfits, then Candere is the right place for you! Our range of diamond bracelets for women takes the cake for being one of the most elegant but affordable bracelets. So come, let’s explore the diamond bracelet designs that Candere has in store for you! Explore more here Bracelets & Gold Bracelets For Men.

Diamond Bracelet Designs

There is a huge variation in bracelet styles and it keeps growing. One of the popular types is the charm bracelet – one of the most popular styles that have evolved since the 1950s. The Forest Fairy and Charmed Love are examples of Charm bracelets. It is typically named so because the design required ‘charms’ to hang on a chain. In the last few decades, the charms have changed to anything from beads to peals, to symbols, to initials etc. The flexible bracelets are the ones that have a chain with or without a design. If you’re looking to buy diamond bracelets online, you should also explore Solitaire Bracelets, Swarovski Bracelet & Gemstone Bracelet.

Diamond Bracelet For Girls

Curb chains are most popularly used in this type of bracelet. Sierra and Calligraphy closely resemble the type. Link bracelets come close to this style two. The name is derived from the chain links. Tennis bracelets are a broader variety of link bracelets. The bracelet includes mainly diamonds, that are set to create one link per diamond cluster or design, these can also be solitaires but each link is joined with the other to create a flexible chain and forms the tennis bracelet. The Hopscotch and Jocelyn are examples of the same. If you’re looking to buy diamond bracelets online, you’ll also enjoy browsing Mens Bracelet, Womens Bracelet, Kids Bracelets, Boys Bracelet & Mens Chain Bracelets.

Diamond Bracelets Online

In contrast to bangles, these do not necessarily require wrist sizing, even though they cannot be too loose or too fitted either. Ideally, there has to be a one-finger gap between the bracelet and the wrist. The way diamonds are arranged along the bracelet makes them look as if of equal carat and in line. These line diamond bracelets are also called tennis bracelets and it has an interesting short legend to its name.

Gold Diamond Bracelets For Women

These look extremely sophisticated and elegant and are usually very expensive, because of the number of diamonds required to make them. The amount of gold and the diamonds all contribute to their weight and hence these are heavier. Explore more here Platinum Bracelet, Platinum Bracelets For Men & Platinum Bracelets For Women.

Diamond Bracelet Designs For Ladies

Most of the bracelets in this collection are tennis bracelets that are cast in white gold, it looks very chic and unique; tennis bracelets have been made very famous by celebrities, sports personalities, movie stars, socialites and other famous persons at different events. This is hence known as the glamour diamond jewellery and is a benchmark of the rich, famous and the affluent.

Diamond Bracelets Price

Their prices begin from Rs. 15,000. You can expect only authentic and certified diamond jewellery from Candere, stamped with BIS hallmarking and IGI, GIA certified diamonds and gemstones with complete trust in your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery. Explore more here Bracelets Kada, Bangles and Bracelets, Cute Bracelets, Flexi Bracelet & Flower Bracelet.

Affordable Diamond Bracelets on EMI with DGRP

Candere prides itself on the stunning but affordable jewellery available in an incredible variety. However, another thing we pride ourselves on is the DGRP plan. By only paying a booking price of 10% of the cost of your jewellery, this plan allows you to buy your jewellery at the lower gold rate, even months after purchasing. In addition to no processing fees and zero interest rates, you can also pay for your jewellery in instalments of 2-12 months for your favourite diamond bracelets. So, with so many benefits, choose Candere today by placing your order online! Then sit back and relax as we deliver your bracelet right to your doorstep anywhere across India! Explore more here Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces & Bangles.