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Diamond Nose pins

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  1. Alexis Diamond Nose Pin Alexis Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹8,514.00 ₹9,769.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  2. Snehal Diamond Nose Pin Snehal Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹7,386.00 ₹8,212.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  3. Sweetie Diamond Nose Pin Sweetie Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹7,457.00 ₹8,507.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  4. Radha Diamond Nose Pin Radha Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹8,440.00 ₹11,221.00

    100% OFF on Making

  5. Bharati Diamond Nose Pin Bharati Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹6,170.00 ₹6,748.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  6. Barnali Diamond Nose Pin Barnali Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹12,814.00 ₹15,750.00

    100% OFF on Making

  7. Izarra Diamond Nose Pin Izarra Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹8,113.00 ₹9,275.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  8. Astelbie Diamond Nose Pin Astelbie Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹8,384.00 ₹9,636.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  9. Yoomee Diamond Nose Pin Yoomee Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹8,674.00 ₹10,000.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  10. Starr Diamond Nose Pin Starr Diamond Nose Pin
    ₹9,571.00 ₹12,236.00

    100% OFF on Making

  11. Eistir Diamond Wire Nose Pin Eistir Diamond Wire Nose Pin
    ₹6,789.00 ₹7,615.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  12. Xing Diamond Wire Nose Pin Xing Diamond Wire Nose Pin
    ₹14,052.00 ₹16,602.00

    100% OFF on Making

  13. Dazzly Star Diamond Nose pin Dazzly Star Diamond Nose pin
    ₹12,232.00 ₹16,174.00

    35% OFF on Stone Price

  14. Flicker Diamond Nose pin Flicker Diamond Nose pin
    ₹8,107.00 ₹9,490.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  15. Clutch Sparkle Diamond Nose pin Clutch Sparkle Diamond Nose pin
    ₹8,277.00 ₹9,479.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

  16. Dazzle Wings Diamond Nose pin Dazzle Wings Diamond Nose pin
    ₹7,339.00 ₹8,466.00

    25% OFF on Stone Price

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Can we wear diamond nose pin daily?

Yes, you can definitely wear a Diamond Nose Pin on a daily basis.

What is the cost of diamond nose pin in India?

The Price for Diamond Nose Pin changes depending on the current Gold Rate, Diamond Price, Making Charges and Offers. On Candere’s Website, you can shop from a wide range of Certified Diamond Nose Pin starting at Rs. 5,406 only.

Diamond Nose Pin - transform the look of the face quite remarkably

The position of nose pins as jewellery ensemble pieces have been highly significant in Indian culture. And with the incorporation of modern trends to the traditional piece, nose pins have become just as crucial as any other ‘get-up’ done on the persona. Nose pins, believed to be seductive, can transform the look of the face quite remarkably. And when a face is just as attractive, it should be decorated with an equally outstanding piece of diamond jewellery. A beautiful, real diamond nose pin enchants you with its humble charm. And Candere’s extensive range of exquisite nosepins can be perfect for you to showcase your beauty and charm with, for any occasion or with any outfit! Also explore our Nose Pin, diamond nose pins, nose ring & solitaire nose pins.

Modern & Latest Diamond Nose Pin Designs

Diamond nose pins are subtle, yet they stand out, which is one of their main USPs. After looking at diamond nosepin collections, one would be incited to get their nose pierced just to wear a gorgeous nosepin.

Candere offers nosepins with different diamond weight options and youre sure to be spoilt for choice when shopping for diamond nose pins. Some of these varieties include:

  • 0.05ct - 0.15ct: Although the diamonds on nosepins are small in size,they still shine equally bright. You can choose from a vast carat range of incredible nosepins that include studs, rings, and hooked nosepins.
  • 0.15ct - 0.3ct: Slightly larger and more exquisite than the previous category, these diamond nosepins spell beauty and exude elegance despite their tiny stature. In this range of diamond caratage, you can get a smaller but definitely more stunning collection of nosepins. Styles include studs, hooks, and rings in a variety of floral, geometric and abstract designs.

Diamond Nose Pin Price in India

Nosepins are everybody's favourites because of their versatility. Based on the design, you can wear them to work or to wedding celebrations. And by pairing with the right outfit, you can easily transform any nosepin to make it fit for any occasion. Diamond nose pins are a common traditional element in India. However, due to its charm and beauty, it is gaining immense popularity in the west as well. Candere offers diamond nose pin starting from Rs. 5000 in different designs for different occasions for all age groups. Also explore our gemstone nose pins, diamond nose pin under 5000, white gold nose ring.

Diamond Nose Rings

Diamonds are almost always associated with being expensive, but you need not have a huge budget, especially with so many styles to choose from. The immense versatility of nosepins make these ideal gifting options for anyone. Tiny studs can be ideal for gifting to acquaintances on birthdays, while the ones with intricate designs are ideal for wedding aniversaries, karwa chauth, and your wife’s birthday. Similarly, huge naths can be an ideal gifting option for the blushing bride as a memorable wedding gift.

Gold nose rings are considered more suitable for daily wear, available in affordable options in 14K and 18K gold. This makes it ideal for accompanying traditional outfits, rather than the more modern studs, which are more suited for casual events and modern outfits.

Wedding Nose Stud

Wedding, anniversary and birthday gifting trends have gone through regular change and evolution. However, one trend that has remained constant is the trend if gifting jewellery, especially on traditional occasions. With the many varieties of nose studs, rnaging from simple, more affordable diamonds to exquisite ones on the highest scale on all 4Cs, you can take your pick from an incredible variety!

Diamond Nose Pin Designs

You can get diamond nose pins in various styles, such as one with a screw, rings or hoops and a wire closure. Invariably, a nose pin needs no excuse or occasion to be worn! The diamonds on these nose pins vary in shape, carat and settings. The weight ranges from 0.05 to 0.15 ct; whereas stone shapes are either round or triangle. According to the number of stones set into it, it could be either a solitaire nose pinor multi-stone nosepins. Also explore our Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Bangles & Bracelets.

Buy Diamond Nose Pins Online with DGRP Plan

While Candere’s collection of nose pins is immensely affordable in itself, you can get them at an even affordable rate with the help of Candere’s Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) Plan. Are you wondering how can it help you get affordable jewellery? Let us tell you! The plan allows you to buy the jewellery at whichever gold rate is lower. So, if you have purchased a nosepin and see that the prices reduced a few months down the line, then you can choose the lower rate and discard the original higher rate at which you bought it. Additionally, with 2-12 month instalment options, booking with just 10% of the jewellery cost, zero processing fees and no interest rates, you are guaranteed to get the best prices! Also explore our Gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Gemstone Jewellery, White Gold Jewellery & Rose Gold Jewellery.

Diamond Nose Pin By Kalyan Jewellers

Whether you favour single diamonds, or multiple stones, Candere’s nosepin collection is one to vie for ranging from pretty floral to simply solitaire designs, triangle stones in either prong or pave setting, arranged delightfully in either cluster or geometrical patterns. So, with Candere’s easy website, simply choose your favourite pieces, add them to your cart, choose your payment plan and make the payment regularly. After that, just sit back and relax as we deliver it to your doorstep anywhere in India!