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Diamond Solitaire Earrings

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Diamond Solitaire Earrings

The elegance of a lady stands out the most when she wears something very simplistic. Our diamond solitaire earrings here at Candere are the perfect match to meet any lady's grace. Diamond solitaire earrings consist of a diamond embedded in the ring, the classic! Gift them to your loved ones, or simply get them for yourself; they'll definitely pair up beautifully with that smile of yours. 

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Solitaire Diamond Earrings 1 Carat

1 carat of diamond consists of 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. At Candere, you'll get solitaire diamond earrings 1 carat with assured quality and a perfect carat!

Buy Diamond Solitaire Earrings Online

Shopping online for jewellery can be difficult and unquestionably scary unless you have a trusted source to buy diamond solitaire earrings online. The fact that you're spending a humongous amount of capital and buying it for a dear-hearted person makes trusting online services difficult, but we here at Candere are completely trustable and authorised. The possibility of receiving counterfeit products and damaged packaging is nullified when you make your purchase with us; after all, we understand the true worth of jewellery and know how great of personal significance it is to all of our customers. Leave the hesitance behind and gain a hundred per cent of peace of mind in your online shopping experience with us. 

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Diamond Solitaire Earrings Designs With Price 

 When it comes to jewellery, the two most important aspects are the design and the price. Diamond solitaire earrings designs with price that'll always feel like a good deal are easily available here at Candere. With various products ranging from amazing carvings to the most beautiful shapes listed on our website, the customers can never complain about the lack of designs. 

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How much are solitaire diamond earrings in india?

The price range is shaped so all pockets can afford their favourite designs, starting from as low as Rs. 12 249 and climbing up in quality and price to Rs. 7,70,000. Our customers find worth in every Rupee they pay, which is pretty clear. The metal and the diamond quality can be altered as per the requirements, which might affect the price further. Yellow gold and white gold are the two metals available in variants of 18K and 14K, and the diamond quality is available in 4 types; SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH, and VVS EF. Also, attractive discounts are available on many products throughout the website, saving you lakhs of rupees, and with no extra delivery charges! 

Kalyan Jewellers Diamond Solitaire Earrings

 All the above advantages are provided with the confidence and assurance of Kalyan Jewellers, the best in the business! These Kalyan Jewellers diamond solitaire earrings will no doubt be one of your greatest investments in love! 

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Buy Diamond Solitaire Earrings with DGRP

 How is it beneficial to buy diamond solitaire earrings with DGRP? Customers can pay with EMI using DGRP (Double Gold Rate Protection). This means that if you book a diamond earring and the price of diamonds goes up in the near future, you don't have to pay any higher charges, but if the price of diamonds goes down in the near future, the prices will be adjusted so you can pay a lower amount!