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Sparkling Diamond Stud Earrings for Timeless Elegance

Putting on the perfect stud earrings enhances your beauty and complements your style. The right diamond jewellery can deck you up on any occasion. Diamond studs are the classic addition to make effortless statements through their intrinsic sparkle and timeless elegance. 

Both men and women prefer to wear elegant diamond earrings to glam up any outfit at special events. 

Also explore our sui dhaga earrings, gold sui dhaga earrings & diamond sui dhaga earrings.

Choose the Best Diamond Stud Earrings for any Occasion

Diamond studs are effortlessly stylish, fashionable, chic, and multipurpose. You can excuse your oomph factor by choosing the right diamond stud earrings that complement your face and style. 

A proper selection of stud earrings is important. A princess-cut diamond stud will suit the broader facial structure. Round-cut earring studs complement a petite face. You should also consider the metal setting that fits your skin tone.  

Decide on the perfect pair by considering the event or occasion, such as music concerts, parties, festivities, luncheons, and dinners. This will make you look put together while elevating your style.

Also explore our earrings for men, diamond stud earrings for men & diamond dangle earrings.

Explore all Diamond Stud Earrings at Candere

Candere offers you a wide range of precious diamond stud earrings for women, men, and kids in varying weights of diamonds, shapes, styles, and designs. You can find alluring women's diamond stud earring designs in pure yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and silver. The option to buy sterling silver is also available.

Deck up for any occasion, including anniversaries, weddings, parties, and casual outings. Adorn yourself with the Intense Cluster diamond stud, Zehra Diamond stud, Dilara diamond studs, Bahar Diamond studs, Greta studs, Ekani diamond studs, and other irresistible designs. 

Men's diamond studs come in multiple designs. The prime ones are:

  • Religious Swastik
  • Evil eye
  • Solitaire
  • Swastik Diamond Platinum ear stud
  • Leo Diamond Ear Stud for Men
  • Jeff
  • Denis
  • Elliot
  • Dylan

You can also find kid's diamond studs in cute kittens, birds, and other adorable designs. Check out our exclusive diamond stud earrings designs within an affordable price range. These are from ₹8,000 to ₹193,286 only at Candere. 

Get Earrings for Women with DGRP

You can taste unique jewellery designs by ordering your favourite piece from Candere with a Double Gold Rate Protection plan. Under this, you pay only 10% of the total at checkout. You can pay the remaining amount in easy installments over a fixed tenure. 

This can save you a fortune and help you buy your favourite product immediately. So, why wait, then? Explore a variety of high-quality diamond studs for women at Candere and purchase your favourite design today!


What is the price range of diamond stud earrings at Candere?

A: The price range starts from ₹8,000 to ₹193,286. 

How to choose diamond stud earrings according to face shape?

A: A princess-cut diamond stud will suit you best if you have a broader facial structure. The round-cut diamond studs complement a petite face. 

Can Candere earrings be used for daily wear?

A: Yes, the range of new modern earrings in diamonds and gold are customized for everyday use. Wearing it every day will not damage the metal's quality and appearance. 

How much should I spend on diamond studs?

The price of diamond studs varies with the diamond quality & size. A solitaire diamond will cost more than a small-sized diamond. At Candere, you can choose the diamond quality and size as per your budget.

Are diamond studs out of style?

Diamond studs look fantastic on anyone and go well with any outfit. It has emerged as the top choice among jewellery lovers. At Candere, you can find beautiful & elegant pieces of diamond studs.

What size diamond studs are best for everyday?

You should opt for a Diamond Studs weighing between 0.25 ctw to 1 ctw for daily use. 

Can you wear diamond studs in the shower?

Wearing jewellery in the shower makes it prone to falling off. Besides, the soap & lotion that we use can leave a film on the surface of the jewellery and affect its shine & lustre.

What setting makes diamond studs look bigger?

Pressure Setting highlights the Diamond and makes it look bigger than it is!

What shape of diamond studs sparkles the most?

Diamond Studs that make use of Round-cut Diamonds have diamonds that sparkle the most. 

Which diamond studs shape is most elegant?

The most elegant looking shape in Diamonds is the Round shape because it shines the brightest!