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How much does a fancy mangalsutra cost?

Gold Mangalsutra weighing between 2 gms to 4 gms can cost in between INR 10,300 to INR 24,315. However, heavier gold mangalsutra weighing 52.12 gms can cost around INR 981,193.

Why does Mangalsutra have to be black and gold?

The black beads are considered to be symbolizing a bond between Parvati and Lord Shiva, the gold symbolizes Goddess Parvati while the black beads denote Lord Shiva.

How to choose a perfect Mangalsutra?

To choose the perfect mangalsutra you should consider a versatile mangalsutra design which perfectly merges with your cultural requirements. Consider the perfect chain length, pendant style, and precious metal and determine your budget.

Select Fancy Mangalsutra Designs: Eternal Bonds of Union

Mangalsutra stands for mangal, meaning auspicious, and sutra meaning thread. It refers to a sacred thread that unites souls. The thread is an important symbol of Indian marriage that defines a sacred sealant between partners. 

The groom ties the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck during the holy nuptials to denote that their relationship will be auspicious. Various fancy mangalsutra designs have evolved over the years while keeping the significance of the mangalsutras unaltered. 

The Unique Design of Mangalsutras

A mangalsutra is a combination of two strings of black beads and a pendant. In South India, the Thaali or mangalsutra comes in a long yellow thread with a gold pendant to signify the Goddess Supreme. 

Mangalsutras in North India come in a gold pendant attached to a black beads chain and are referred to as Tanmaniya. Modern women prefer a number of stylish mangalsutra designs and love wearing mangalsutra as a chain bracelet as well. In many cases, these are designed in black beads and attached with a gold pendant with luxurious diamond placements.

Top Latest Fancy Mangalsutra Designs

The latest fancy mangalsutras come in premium diamond placements on the sutra bracelets, often designed with the wearer’s initials for a personalized style. These are often crafted from 22k pure gold and certified diamonds. 


The designs vary according to personal preference and are available in various patterns like heart shapes, evil eyes, florals etc. The solitaire mangalsutra comes in black bead string with a chic solitaire placement. Flower mangalsutra, minimalistic gold mangalsutra with cute pendant,  personalised mangalsutra, double-chain mangalsutra, vibrant meenakari mangalsutra, and mangalsutra bracelets are some of the other popular mangalsutra designs.

Trending 2023 Fancy Mangalsutra Designs at Candere

Fancy Mangalsutra can come in different contemporary sleek designs that can complement individual dressing styles. At Candere you can choose from white gold, pure gold, or rose gold fancy mangalsutra sets that are intricately crafted with high-quality gemstones. 

The price range varies depending on the uniqueness of style, purity of the gemstone, and metal weight.


Discover for yourself, the stunning collections of Padmajaj gold fancy stone mangalsutra, Raemi Gold Fancy Stone Mangalsutra, and more at Candere by Kalyan Jewellers. You can buy these mesmerizing designs from an extensive price range starting from ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 981,193.

Get your Favourite Fancy Mangalsutra Design with DGRP 

Mangalsutra is an indispensable jewellery item in Indian marriage ceremonies. To save you a ton of fortune for buying these beautiful mangalsutra designs, Candere provides an amazing offer called Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP). 

The scheme allows the buyer to pay only 10% of the total amount at checkout, while the remaining sum can be paid in easy installments over the period of 2 - 12 months.