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Enhance Your Innate Beauty with Fancy Necklaces

Since time immemorial, a necklace is a highly sought-after piece of jewellery for women. Necklaces are viewed as symbols of wealth, power, and status, and can communicate information about an individual's resources, talents, and identity. Taking this into account, Candere presents a diverse selection of fancy necklaces that complement various types of clothing and occasion. With Candere you will never need to compromise with your budget.

Things to do when picking a necklace:

  • Measure the area around your neck and the desired length you are looking to buy using a string or another necklace as a guide and note down the measurement.
  • If you prefer chokers, it is recommended to add an additional two inches to your neck measurement to ensure a comfortable fit.

Learn to pick the necklace that suits your neckline, the shape of the face, and the type of clothing. 

Fancy Necklaces for Various Occasions

Fancy Necklaces are the perfect accessory to complete any ensemble. There are numerous styles available to choose from, including classic pearls or gemstones, and shimmering accents of diamond or gold with intricate detailing.

  • Marriage: Bright and colorful traditional Indian wedding attire pairs well with a meenakari and Kundan gold necklace (You can also choose various new and latest necklace designs like choker necklace, tushi necklace, layered necklace, rani haar necklace, and long necklace), while a gown would match well with an American diamond necklace.
  • Family function: While mostly we choose traditional attire to attend family functions, pairing them with the right fancy gold necklace would be the ideal choice. If you prefer a contemporary look, choose a fancy pearl necklace to grace your occasion. 
  • Party: Fancy Platinum necklaces can go well with any attire and can add elegance to your overall look making it an ideal partner for your party.
  • Daily wear:  A simple necklace with a pendant or a long chain necklace would be the perfect choice for a woman who loves to maintain her elegance every day.
  • Workwear: For workwear, you can choose a necklace that is elegant and not too flashy, such as a classic pearl necklace (Gemstone pearl necklace, and White Pearl necklace with gold), a delicate necklace with a small pendant, a Swarovski CZ Necklace, or a simple diamond solitaire necklace.

Beautiful Necklaces at Affordable Prices

Candere offers a huge collection of fancy necklaces in various latest and trendy necklace designs like collar necklaces & rope necklaces and so on in an affordable price ranging from INR 9,000 to INR 14,00,000. The price varies with weight and the range of materials that are used in a necklace, including sterling silver, rose gold, and white gold paired with semi-precious stones, pearls, and diamonds.

Grab the Necklace of Your Choice on EMI

Your heart wants to grab a fancy necklace but your pocket is not that heavy? Never worry of missing your choice for budget issues, as Candere offers a solution to such budget constraints when purchasing a fancy necklace through their Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) scheme. This offer allows you to pay only 10% of the total cost at checkout and then pay the remaining amount in easy installments over a few months.

18K or 22K gold necklaces?

While 18K refers to 75% pure gold and the rest 25% copper/silver, 22K denotes 91.6% pure gold and the rest 8.4% copper, both are popular choices for necklaces. 18K gold is more durable as compared to 22K gold making 18K fancy gold necklaces ideal for your daily wear. But 22K fancy gold necklaces would be more authentic as it ensures that you are investing in quality that won’t tarnish over time. 


How do I check the quality of Diamond necklaces?

Cut, Clarity, Carat weight, and Colour are the factors that would help you to determine the quality of the diamond. The fancy necklace collections with diamonds in Candere give the options to choose from the grade that describes the clarity of the diamond like SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH, and VVS EF. 

How do I sustain the quality of my necklace?

In order to maintain the quality of your necklace and prevent tarnishing, it is crucial to keep it away from moisture and humidity. It should be stored in a cool, dry location and should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

How can I clean my necklace at home?

To effectively clean your jewelry at home, use a soft-bristled brush that has been dampened with warm water and mild detergent. Be gentle and avoid scrubbing too hard or scratching the surface of the metal. Also, regular professional cleaning by a jeweler will help to maintain the appearance of your jewelry and keep it looking new for many years.