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Stone of Love & Friendship: Garnet Ring & Bands

Looking for love and positivity in your life? A garnet ring is a solution to your problem. The beautiful red stone is carved into gold to make a magnificent Garnet Ring. Candere provides a sea of designs of Garnet rings for you to choose from.

Garnet with rubies is mostly used in creating ethereal designs in jewellery. Garnet and rubies are often mistaken to be the same gemstones, but the radiance and pricing of both the gemstones are quite different. The glossy glow and different shades ranging from red to orange make this stone emit fire-like radiance. The unique craftsmanship showcased in these rings is what sets the brand apart from others. Candere offers a wide range of Garnet stone rings that will create a Halo on your beautiful fingers. 

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How does this garnet stone ring and bands affect your life?

The Garnet Stone represents love and friendship. It is a powerful source of energy that symbolizes blood and heart, and therefore it also helps in the betterment of health. Wearing a Garnet ring can bring a lot of love and happiness into your life.

 Gold is a symbol of luxury and wealth, and the stone Garnet is a symbol of good health. Both together can prove to be very beneficial for a person's overall growth. Various designs can be carved out of gold, and garnet stone can be perfectly fitted to make flawless rings. The versatility of gold is infinite, and a garnet ring in gold can enhance the same even to greater extents.

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Qualities of Gold Garnet Stone Rings & Bands

The quality of a garnet stone ring can be assessed by considering three major factors - Carat Weight, Colour of the Stone, and Cut Shape. The respective meaning of these factors is the weight of the stone, the redness of the stone, and the cut of the stone that enhances the beauty of the gem. The Garnet stone has been around for a long time, and its quality is incomparable. The durability of the stone can be analyzed by the fact that it was found by archaeologists in the Ancient Egyptian tombs and mummies. 

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The Idea of Mena Adorning Garnet Rings & Bands

Nowadays, there are exclusive jewellery collections for men available because men love to adorn themselves with different ornaments. Men's Garnet rings are crafted in their choice of metal and worn by them to absorb and reflect positivity. The band of the ring is made thick and sturdy to avoid any damage easily.

 Generally, men tend to lean towards simpler and not fancy designs. Considering this, Candere presents a small but classy range of minimalistic designs in Men's Garnet Rings. There are also a few fancier options available in terms of the design of the band for Men’s Garnet Ring. Men find religious or astrological sentiments behind their purchase of a garnet ring. The January-born men are most likely to buy the reddish stone to bring zeal and happiness to their lives.

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Buy Garnet Rings & Bands Double Gold Rate Protection

The gold rates go back and forth depending on various factors, and it gets a little hard on your pocket when you buy heavy jewellery. The DGRP plan of Candere lets you pay 10% of the total amount, and you can pay the rest of it in easy installments of two to twelve months, making your purchase more affordable.

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