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Tips To Follow When Buying Gent’s Gold Chain

When purchasing a gold chain for men, we need to take care of certain things. Men usually think buying jewellery is certainly easy, but they are not. When it comes to choosing the best gents gold chain designs, we Indians often go for looks and material. These materials and quality are never compromised by Candere. It is the website where you can find numerous modern and traditional designs as per your preference. So, while buying and investing in such important accessories, we must follow certain tips that help us to get the best piece from the collections. 

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What type of gold chain is best for men?

There are various different types of gold chains for mens. All these types of chains have particular lengths and widths. If you want to alter the measurements, you can easily customize the features and sizes. However, here are the different types of gold chains for gents that you need to know:

Ball Chains

These gold chains are generally a quintessential Gents chain. These types of Kalyan Jewellers gents gold chain are designed strong and durable. Its price starts from INR 62000. 

Franco Chains

These gents gold chain designs are basically Italian-made designs. When you see these chains, you will see the interweaving look of the material in V form.  Two or four thin chains are interwoven together to form a heavy chain for gents. Its range starts from INR 54000. 

Box Chains 

Box chains are similar to the square boxes, which gives them a masculine look. The width of the boxes is small, and thus it looks like a sophisticated gold chain. You can find gents gold chain models online with price upto INR 330000 

Figaro Chains 

Figaro chains are unique in terms of designs. You can find the gold chain images for gents new design and decide to buy the best piece for yourself. Figaro chain designs are very attractive with oval-linked chains. These gold chains differ from INR 32000 to 190000.  

Choose The Length Of The Chain

Most Gents prefer approx 50 cm of length for the chains to wear. So, this is considered to be the average length of any chain. Wearing a gold chain makes it more interesting when the chain falls to the collar bone showcasing the designs and shine of the material. In the collection of gents gold chain designs, there are numerous sizes and lengths available. Some are like pendants of approx 55 to 60 cm in length. While some chains are too fit for your neck. So, as per your preference, get yourself the best gold chain at an affordable price from Candere. 

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Buying Gents Gold Chain With DGRP

While buying gold chains, we must also see how much carat gold is used in the product. Candere ensures that your quality and quantity of gold do not get compromised. Though it becomes a little expensive, you can buy the gents gold chain designs with DGRP. It is a Double Gold Rate Protection plan, which allows you to pay in installments. You can simply enroll it with 10% of the final amount, then clear all the dues in the next 2 to 6 months' installments.