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Gold Bracelets

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How do you clean a gold bracelet at home?

Use a soft toothbrush to clean Gold Bracelets after it has been soaked in lukewarm soap water or mild detergent. Wipe dry with a soft cloth soon after.

Can you wear gold and silver bracelets together?

Yes, styling Yellow/Rose Gold with Silver is what’s trending right now! Mix & Match when you layer your bracelets!

Gold Bracelet For Women

The true origins of when someone first tried and saw that tying something around the wrist made a unique decoration. Centuries old form of wrist accessory made by artisans and creators alike of many cultures took hold and is still worn today. The English word ‘bracelet’ comes from the Latin word ‘brachium’, which simply means "arm."

Ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamias and even in China almost dating back to 6000 years and before, there is evidence of jewellery worn as adornment using shells and tree limbs, copper and bronze. Gold being used in bracelets could be seen in Egypt after the bronze age with gemstones used to enhance its essence.Explore more here Bracelets & Diamond Bracelets.

Gold bangles & Bracelets for women are known to add glamour and festivity to any occasion or outfit no matter what the purpose of wearing them is. Gold bracelets for women are another accessory for grooming themselves apart from other ornaments. 

It could be one’s own marriage, someone else’s marriage, a big festival like Diwali – usually that’s when all the glitter comes out of their boxes - or a really important family or social gathering. We as humans like to socialize a lot; women make the most of these opportunities and deck themselves up in all their fineries. Get your own gold bracelet for women and other jewellery accessories from Candere.

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Types for Occasion

Here you will find gold bracelets for women that are well suited for traditional outfits, parties or work and even pieces that can be worn daily. The bracelet for women gold or any other metal are unique with designs that can go with any and every getup. 

Whether it's a traditional function or a corporate event, our range of gold bracelets for women has the ideal piece for the occasion. The Firaki Sankalp, Utkarsha Sankalp and Kani Sankalp gold kada are pieces with a traditional touch and feel that are ideal for ethenic wear whereas the Love Row gold bracelet and the Tisca Gold bracelet are suitable for work. With these pieces and others in our collection, you can ace any getup whether its a traditional family occasion, a corporate event or even a party.

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Modern Gold Bracelets Designs

How did wearing gold bracelet for women become a tradition? You will be surprised to know the history and legend of these dainty hand adornments that date back to the age of pre-civilization; simply put, in those days, people, irrespective of their gender, would wrap animal hides or strings of leaves and flower petals around their wrists as trophies. It shows that even the uncivilized folks had some idea of decorating themselves!

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Gold Bracelets Online

All women need is a drop of hint to grab the opportunity to bling themselves up and look their best ever; every such chance to dress up is also a chance to compete with one’s own looks. For some, the gold bracelet for women can be a great conversation starter and also a means of bonding.

Gold bracelet for men are a sure way of adding much-needed fun and shine to any outfit or mood and if this can be teamed up with bangles, nothing can come close to a stunning look. A single bracelet in one hand equals a pair of gold bangles in the other.

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Ladies Gold Bracelets

This collection of gold bracelet for women are dainty that vary in design, artwork, and thickness. One may assume that for bangles, wrist size is important while for bracelets, it is not. But, for an accurate fit, sizing is a must, if it is too loose, it might slip off the wrists and fall off, it is too tight, it can cause abrasions on the skin.

Ideally, there has to be a one-finger gap between the bracelet and your hand when buying a gold bracelet for women. Therefore, do not forget to mention your size while ordering. 

Gold Bracelet Designs For Ladies

The Indian gold jewellery market generates major revenue each year; it is believed that Indian households own the maximum amount of gold jewellery in the world. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while shopping for gold bracelets for women online or any other jewellery item online. Explore more here Leather Bracelets, Link Bracelets, Tennis Bracelets & Charm Bracelet.

Do your homework well; find out about the jeweler before buying a gold bracelet for women, about the prices, designs, what’s trending, what’s not, what is your choice, shortlist your choices so buying becomes easier, what are the market rates, what is the gold rate.

Do your research well on all of these factors and also find out about the jeweler, find out the GST or other taxes that are applicable, find out the standard making charges in the market, check thoroughly about certification of gold, about hallmarking on the gold jewellery product before you pick a gold bracelet for women or other jewellery. Explore more here Mangalsutra Bracelet, Cuff Bracelet, Beaded Bracelets, Multistrand Bracelets

Stylish Gold Bracelets Designs For Girls

Also, if possible, try to find out the size before you pick a gold bracelet for women. If you are going to purchase bangles or gold bracelet for women before checking the size you might end up with a piece that is too small or big. 

Since you will not be interacting with the jewellery directly perhaps, it's best to find your wrist size at home and then choose the correct number from the drop-down options given on the product page when you are about to add the design to your shopping cart. Also, find out if they have an ongoing campaign for a certain no. of products. 

What is the cost of a gold bracelet?

There are a few contemporary gold bracelets for women in white gold and rose gold which are in top demand amongst younger women; while most of the classic gold bracelets are priced from Rs 8,455 to 148,486 approx. Explore your trusted online jewellers here. You purchase at current gold rate mumbai.