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Gold Chains for Men

Gold Chains for Men

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    Avery Gold Chain Avery Gold Chain
    ₹28,677 ₹35,486

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    Highway Gold Chain Highway Gold Chain
    ₹38,901 ₹48,136

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    Charming Gold Chain Charming Gold Chain
    ₹10,144 ₹11,623

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    Paryah Gold Chain Paryah Gold Chain
    ₹24,407 ₹29,526

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    Ishani Twisted Gold Chain Ishani Twisted Gold Chain
    ₹20,626 ₹24,952

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    Kamal Gold Chain Kamal Gold Chain
    ₹48,193 ₹59,434

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  7. Omusa Nivara Gold Chain Omusa Nivara Gold Chain
    ₹76,410 ₹90,831

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    Ruben Gold Chain Ruben Gold Chain
    ₹23,720 ₹28,695

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  9. Itkila Nivara Gold Chain Itkila Nivara Gold Chain
    ₹34,337 ₹41,381

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    Darrell Scott Gold Chain Darrell Scott Gold Chain
    ₹80,476 ₹100,507

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    Thrift Gold Chain Thrift Gold Chain
    ₹17,189 ₹20,794

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    Gaurika Twisted Gold Chain Gaurika Twisted Gold Chain
    ₹19,801 ₹23,954

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    Baina Gold Chain Baina Gold Chain
    ₹12,207 ₹14,389

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  14. Rudraksha Nivara Gold Chain Mala Rudraksha Nivara Gold Chain Mala
    ₹88,980 ₹109,221

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    Corry Nivara Gold Chain Corry Nivara Gold Chain
    ₹31,265 ₹37,678

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    Lucian Gold Chain Lucian Gold Chain
    ₹22,689 ₹27,447

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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Gold Chain for Men

A simple piece of jewellery can speak volumes about you and your persona. And gold chains for men do the same. It's customary for indian men to wear gold chains and signifies strength, purity and wealth. Of Course it's also considered as an investment. However, a subtle and stylish gold chain design for men look is what the objective is when choosing a gold chain for men. There are gold chain for men design that are huge and eye-catching however there are few who could pull that look off. Regardless of what style fits you, Candere has every possible variety for you to choose and pick from.

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Men’s Gold Chain Designs

A chain is the most important piece of jewellery and its relation with humans is eternal. Not only is this piece of gold substantial from the perspective of wedding jewellery, it is also an indispensable part of everyday life, as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. A gold chain for men and women is a common ‘gift’ exchanged at weddings, traded by both the sets of families; presented to the closest kin of the couple. Interestingly, gold jewellery and gold chain in particular is a favourite amongst different communities in India despite cultural differences. The only difference is in the choice of designs, thickness or length of the gold chain, costing, budgeting, purity of gold used, choice of jeweller, reasons to buy gold, etc. The 22 carat gold chain for mens price in India is around Rs 42,000. The gold chain price for men is subject to change in market rates. However the quality standards of the chain will always remain the same. 

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Men’s Gold Chains

“Chain” means to connect. Chains connect not only people and relationships; it also connects other forms of jewellery, in the form of pendants, tanmaniya, lockets and amulets. Men like to wear amulets and lockets around their neck, for which they love to have a variety of gold chains to hang their pendants from. It has been observed that gold chain for men have been popular amongst young and adult men since the age of kings and princesses. Without a gold chain, interchanging of lockets or pendants would be impossible.

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Men’s Gold Chains Models

The chain is one of the most famous designs worldwide, used for both lightweight and heavy designs, bracelets and necklaces studded with diamonds as well. Gold chain design for men comes in various designs and combinations, single loop, double loop, thick thin the list goes endless. And gold chain for men are ideally more thicker compared to womens chains. 

Men’s Gold Chains Styles

The box chain also known as square link chain, briolette or Venetian chain are gold chain for men that are flattened metal formed into a box like shape and then are interlinked to each other. Small shaped boxed gold chain for men look smooth and sleek while big shaped box gold chain for men look hefty and huge. The highway gold chain and the avery chain are some of the best sellers. These gold chain design for men are relatively common among many yet they are exceptionally good to look at.

Other sturdy gold chain for men designs are the Darcey Gold Chain or in local language the ‘Chipya chain’ rope chain or as named on the site, the Cleo Gold chain, that resembles a rope, and hence the name.

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Gold Chain for Men Price

Best prices for gold chains online range from INR 22,000 to INR 4,36,000 approx - an exclusive collection of Candere’s best. Gold chain prices online in India are quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of pockets and let you enhance your look whether at work or at festivities!

Certified Gold Chains for Men

You can expect only authentic and certified gold jewellery from Candere, stamped with BIS hallmarking with complete trust on your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery. Make your purchase for a gold chain for men that are authentic and standardised for quality and genuinity. Also check here 916 gold rate today in Mumbai.

Types of chains

Here are some of the types of gold chain for men that you would want to consider.

Curb: The Curb gold chain for men gives off an impression of being evenly leveled when laid on the ground. This sort of chain advances distinctively when the width of the gold chain is changed.

Figaro Chain:

Figaro chain is a type of gold chain for men that begins from Italy and has an exceptional allure when worn. The connection designs are for the most part 2 to 3 short connections followed by a long connection. They are very renowned and a prominent pick for picking a gold chain for men.

Box chain: 

These gold chain for men are more reasonable for suspending a pendant on them. Additionally, the container type affix is simpler to repair as well. In the event that an occasion happens where the chain breaks, the messed up chain can be reattached. These gold chain for men are incredibly popular.

Cable chain: 

Old is gold, well for this situation it's not the chain that is just gold but rather additionally the plan. This chain is straightforward yet rich and has indistinguishable connections in it. It's especially like how an iron chain looks however a smaller than expected form and of gold.

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  1. Which is the best size of gold chain for a man?

A 50 cm (20”) long Gold Chain and 2-6 mm thick Gold Chain is the most popular length for men. It sits right at the collarbone, drawing attention to your neckline and can be worn inside and outside your Shirt/T-shirt.

  1. How much does a Gold Chain for men cost in India?

Gold Chain Prices are subject to changes in Gold Prices and offers, they probably won't stay the same a month or a week from now. Shop from a wide range of Authentic BIS Hallmarked Gold Chains for Men starting at Rs.15,786 and going up to Rs.7,71,792

  1. Which Gold Chain is the best for men?

Our Small Gold Rope Chain Design is very popular! It's minimal, chic and classy; and can be customized for a change in Metal Purity & Chain Length!