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Gold Hand Chain

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Gold Hand Chains for Beautiful Hands

Gold Hand Chain Design 

At Candere, we always believe in setting the trends. And what better way to do it than an exotic collection of gold hand chains! Our collection includes multiple design patterns for all your party needs.


Our gold hand chains can be easily paired up with both Western outfits and traditional Indian wear. It will give your hands a beautiful look and accentuate your outfit in seconds! The gold hand chain collection is now live on our website. Explore now! 

Gold Hand Chain For Ladies

We have more than thousands of design options for gold hand chains for females. These gold chain designs feature both traditional and contemporary elements. So whether you wear Indo-western outfits at every party or adorn a complete Indian look; we have something for everyone!


This collection of gold hand chains for women is a perfect gift for your girl gang! You can also gift our hand chains to your bridesmaids as a token of thanks! So hurry up and shop for your favorite pieces before the discount ends! 

Gold Hand Chain For Men

If you thought that we launched hand chains only for women, you are mistaken! We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy these exquisite hand chains. At Candere, we aim to change the boring idea behind men's jewellery and fashion and make it exciting! This is why, our collection includes gold hand chains for gents as well. 


Our designs aim to elevate a man's style and make him look suave as ever. A hand chain will be a perfect pair for your traditional outfits like sherwani and more! The colour of our gold hand chain for males is customizable, you can choose between yellow, rose, and white gold. 


So what are you waiting for? Shop for the latest hand-chain designs now! 

Simple Gold Hand Chain

Gone are the days of extravagant and bulky jewellery, now it is the era of minimalism! The fashion world now believes in a popular saying that states; "less is more!" This is why, we have crafted simple yet stunning designs for gold hand chains. 


The designs of these hand chains feature minimalistic elements that are the epitome of elegance and grace. Due to the simple design, our hand chains are extremely lightweight and easy to wear! So elevate your style game now and shop for the latest hand-chain designs with Candere! 

Baby Hand Chain in Gold

Your search for perfect hand chains for babies ends with Candere! At Candere, we have the most beautiful gold hand chain designs for babies. Our expert craftsmen have also taken care of your baby's comfort. 


Therefore, the designs of our baby hand chains are kept extremely lightweight for the comfort of your bundle of joy. The designs feature cute and comic elements which will win your kid's heart! Apart from that we also have evil eye hand chains to protect your child from bad energies. So hurry up, and explore the collection now! 


1. How much carat is sufficient for a gold hand chain?

You can choose the gold carat as per your personal and budgetary preferences. However, we recommend buying 18-22k gold hand chains. 


2. Which gold is better for a hand chain?

An 18k or 22k gold is recommended for a hand chain as it is purer and more durable. 


3. What is the price of a gold hand chain for a baby?

Our range of gold hand chains for baby starts from INR 9,608 only. You can explore the collection for further information.