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Gold Mangalsutra

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Gold Mangalsutra: Embodying tradition and beyond

Marriages may be made in heaven, but a mangalsutra ties the bond between two souls on earth. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘mangala’, meaning auspicious, a Mangalsutra is a necklace or holy thread that marks the sign of marital status for a woman. Popularly known as ‘tanmaniya’, the gold mangalsutra is a sign of the wedding bond of unconditional love.

It signifies the union of two hearts into an unrestricted feeling of protection, sanctity, and, most importantly, a symbol of love in marriage.

Mangalsutra Designs in Gold with Weight and Price

Beautiful gold mangalsutra designs with price can range from low to high while catering to the needs of the buyer. A fancy gold mangalsutra with a super cute pendant can weigh around 8.54 gm and cost around Rs. 53,010. A well-designed pendant accompanying a mangalsutra chain can weigh around 6.97 gm and cost roughly around 38,020 while an artistically designed Mangalsutra weighing 5gm gold can cost around Rs.27,274.

Traditional Background of Gold Mangalsutra

Dating back to the 6th Century AD, the original design of a diamond mangalsutra comprised of a yellow thread painted with yellow turmeric paste was tied around the neck of a woman by the groom during a wedding ritual to protect her from other men and evil spirits.


Later the most alluring gold mangalsutra designs latest comprised a combination of black and gold beads updated by precious stones, pearl, or diamond embellishments on its pendant to make their way into the hearts of all women irrespective of their age or financial status.


Although this concept has emerged in South India, where a Mangalsutra is known as thali or Mangalam, it has migrated to other parts of the country to form regional variations in its design.


With around 15 mangalsutra names in different languages, no wonder that this amazingly beautiful piece of jewellery has kept up with the ever-changing needs and preferences of women.


However, despite the special cultural significance of a mangalsutra that withholds age-old traditions, a mangalsutra bears the symbol of marital dignity for a bride. It signifies love, unison, and the promise of commitment shared by a couple after marriage.


For some, it remains around the neck until the union ends. Another interpretation states that while the pendant of a mangalsutra typically rests on the woman’s heart or chakra, it marks the center for the flow of spiritual and positive energy in the human body.

Gold Mangalsutra for Every Woman

Although the heavy gold mangalsutra retains its appeal, modern women are ready to experiment and are opting for sleeker designs to match their stylish outfits and professions. When it comes to the authentic gold Hindu mangalsutra design, the conventional pendant with two attached round shells attached to a chain of golden and black beads comes to mind.


Handcrafted with care and expert precision, the gold mangalsutra can have a single-strand or double-strand chain. Those made up of multiple chains embedded with black round beads are the perfect pick for grand occasions to grab maximum attention and praise. These sleeker designs can comprise contemporary themes, geometric, floral patterns, and alphabets.


A mangalsutra is usually secured with a clasp or tassel closure while the chain length can range anywhere between 16 inches to 32 inches. The average length of 16 inches is however most popular amongst the rest as it lends a charming look while offering supreme comfort.

Style and Variations in Gold Mangalsutra Designs

Whether you go for ostentatious or minimalist pendant designs, the mangalsutra has been reimagined by jewellery experts to become a fashion statement for the modern woman. The auspicious mangalsutra is no more restricted to the simple design. Candere offers a vast selection of classy gold mangalsutra designs ranging from lightweight to shimmery. The diamond-studded mangalsutras are ideal for the bride. Meanwhile, a short-length mangalsutra looks chic and stylish.


A gold mangalsutra can be layered with other chain necklaces or styled with a solitaire pendant to impact your everyday look. Just ensure that the gold retains its polish and that the precious gemstones are sparkly enough to grab instant attention in the crowd. Pendants of various shapes and chic patterns of pendants can be easily mixed and matched to form a gold mangalsutra new design that can complement different tastes and personalities. Likewise, both the dainty or heavy-weight options of mangalsutras can be worn tightly close to the neck or hung down to exude sophistication.


The simplest yet most stylish mangalsutra can redefine elegance while the chunkier varieties can satisfy antique collectors. A magnificent piece of Kalyan Jewellers mangalsutra pendant designs in gold can come in both polished as well as matte finished looks.


The two-shelled maharashtrian style pendant represents the union of two families. At the same time, the latest popular Kundan style of the black beaded variety comes with large-sized pendants, which makes you go back to wearing them every opportunity you get. It can feature an intricate design enhanced with a lovely red and green colored enamel work. Combined with intricate embellishments, they incorporate such artistry and excellence that they can satisfy most trendsetting brides.


One can choose between a heavy Rajasthani-styled pendant, a timeless temple design, a peacock pendant, a swirl design, or a standard gold pendant to match their North Indian ghagra, lozenge cholis, or any other ethnic dress.


The brides of Andhra Pradesh wear the Bottu, or gold discs attached to the gold chain, while those belonging to Kerala sport the Ela thaali as their pendants. It is made up of a leaf-shaped gold sheet that can occasionally be embossed with an Om symbol.


A vintage mangalsutra with a thick sindoor, heavy brocade saree, or designer suits offers the most picture-perfect look you can cherish for years to come. Alternatively, the tiny pendant charms like a star, moon, heart, or even the initials of the couple’s name can be wreathed up in a gold mangalsutra chain for a more versatile look. No wonder a modern bride is seen to take pride in flaunting their gold mangalsutra with their dressy gown or breathtaking Western outfit. Accompanied by matching earrings, Nath, Punjabi churas, or bangles, you can get as creative as it gets on a festive event, special occasion, or wedding and inspires others to follow your style.


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Tips To Choose Your Gold Mangalsutra

Choosing the most authentic jewellery or the latest mangalsutra designs only gold that would catch your fancy can be tricky as it can be an investment for a lifetime. The price of a Mangalsutra can vary as per its gold weight ranging from 18k to durable 22k yellow gold. Armed with its BIS hallmark, the gold mangalsutra can make a great gifting option for someone special and a great choice for stacking up along with your everyday accessories. There are smart buying options available online, like payment plans, and easy return policies that elevate your shopping experience. Why wait? Get yours today. 

Get Gold Mangalsutra Online with DGRP

Candere provides Double Gold Rate Protection, allowing you to invest in gold jewellery in installments. Pay 10% of the final cart value to avail, and you'll be able to book your ornaments, even when the price of gold fluctuates based on the changes in bullion rate. However, if the price of gold dips, you can settle your installments and secure your gold chain at the new reduced price. You must pay for the ornaments at or below the reservation date price. You can check here, today gold rate in mumbai 22 carat price.

For information on gold rates in different cities, visit these pages Gold Rate Mumbai, Gold Rate Hyderabad, Gold Rate Delhi & Gold Rate Kerala.


Q1. Which type of gold mangalsutra is best?

A glimmering yellow-gold Mangalsutra can make a new bride look super glamorous but an ultra-chic  Mangalsutra with a lightweight design can add a personal touch of class to your everyday ensemble.

Q2. What is the rate of gold mangalsutra?

The gold mangalsutra price ranges from INR 10000 to INR 110000 on Candere. The price range depends on the carat, design, and cuts of the mangalsutra. 

Q3. What are the 9 beads in mangalsutra?

The nine beads in the mangalsutra signify the nine different energy forms that embody all elements: air, water, earth, and fire.

Q4. Why is mangalsutra tied?

It is worn as a tradition to wish for the husband's long life. It is also a religious custom for a married woman to wear a mangalsutra after marriage.

Q5. Can unmarried girls wear mangalsutra?

A woman only wears it after they get married. It is a custom that the groom ties the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck to begin an auspicious marriage.