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Explore Gold Pendant Set Online

A simple neck piece can elevate your looks and appeal and make you stand out from others. It adds to your persona and speaks volumes about you as a person without you having to utter a single word. There is no doubt that a pendant enhances a woman's aesthetic appeal; certainly, most women fancy grooming themselves with pendants and other ornaments. 

With a variety of gold pendant designs kept ready in our catalog, choose the ideal piece that exactly describes your significant other. So spoil your loved one a little, lift her spirit with joy and watch her go ecstatic as you gift her with a beautiful gold locket. 

Buying a gold pendant set for your beloved lady is a one-time investment; however, the emotions it captures last long. Candere has all kinds of gold locket designs that would certainly surpass your expectations. And if you aren't satisfied with what's in our catalog, you can always have your own pendant customized. You could even avail of a name pendant gold, meaning a pendant with your or your loved ones' name in it.

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Gold Pendants for Women

A gold pendant is a tiny locket or an amulet worn around the neck suspended on a chain for grace and charm that either match up to one's personality and likes or are customized to match with the apparel/dress they select. Looks are of utmost importance to Indians, occasion or no occasion, and jewellery is the second most part of the 'looks' after clothes. 

Usually, people in India wear pendants or lockets made on religion or with their respective deities' faces etched in gold and diamonds. Therefore, it is a common trend to give pendants with minimal design or religious patterns on them. There is tremendous purchasing of pendants of gold for men & women online in India. 

To add something unique, you can get name pendants for your loved ones and yourself. Add a wide range of sleek and fashionable designs in gold name pendants to your collection for a personalized touch.

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Gold Name Pendant

Do you want to narrow down your options for your upcoming personalized jewellery? How about creating something unique with your name and fabulous materials? Consider something trendy, classy, and up-to-date. When it comes to customization, gold always stands out due to its properties. 

Despite the fact that it is commonly regarded as a luxury symbol, our specially designed name jewellery is not prohibitively expensive due to our excellent workmanship and cost-cutting. You can get alphabetical pendants or ones with your name. Nothing beats custom-made gold pieces when it comes to finding jewellery that perfectly complements your personality. 

Gold name pendants are worn to make a fashion statement. If your name begins with these alphabets, you can choose from Initial A Vakratunda Ruby Pendant, The Candere S Pendant, B Initial Pendant, and more. Look into other alphabet options that are available online. 

A truly unique piece of jewellery is always the best option when it comes to gifting someone special. Pay close attention to the custom design to add more uniqueness to a jewellery gift. It's a good idea to try to figure out that her name engraved on the gold would be priceless. Pendants now represent personal taste, devotion, and fashion sense. Pendants come in various styles, from dainty and detailed to ornate and stunning. You can look through our selection and select one that appeals to you.  

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Simple Gold Pendant Designs

Pendants are perhaps the most visible part of jewellery that a woman wears. Hence, product-finish is of the essence. We have one of the most minimalist and elegant designs that create no confusion whilst choosing a gift. 

Simple gold pendant designs are the most popular choice of jewellery gifting that Indians use to their advantage. Candere assures you only the best finish for your gold jewellery and the best quality stones for all your diamond and gemstone jewellery, accompanied by an authentic certificate of guarantee for each piece you buy.

Pendants are the next most beautiful thing on a woman's neck after necklaces.  Because pendants not just adorn their willowy neck but also add beauty to gold chains. Selecting gold pendants online can be fun, with so many designs and filters created to make things easier for you. 

Nonetheless, we would love to make complete pendant gold sets for you, tying the fine knot between fine gold lockets and gold chains. Gold locket pendants can also be worn as attachable amulets and can be linked to chains, bracelets, or even anklets. Name pendant gold is also available in our catalog. 

A pendant is a perfect jewellery accessory for any occasion, daily wear, festivities, celebrations, office wear, parties and social gatherings, special events, and much more. 

Get that chic look, that hot look, that lovely look around your neck, around your wrists, around your ankles with Candere's pendant designs in gold. Also, explore our collection of pendants at varying prices and designs like girl pendant necklace, diamond chains with pendants, slide pendants & pendant for girls.

Gold Pendants Price

The price bracket for women's gold lockets online falls between approximately INR 5500 to 120000 - an exclusive collection of Candere's best designs for gold jewellery online whose prices are subject to change as per the gold rates. Gold pendants' price online in India is quite competitive; the perfect range suits all types of budgets and lets you enhance your look, whether at work or at festivities! Know here today gold rate in mumbai.

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Gold Pendants Online

Candere will sell only authentic, BIS-hallmarked, and IGI/GIA-certified jewellery because you have placed trust in your online jeweler. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.  

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Shop online for genuine and BIS-certified jewellery. We offer a variety of festive designs. We have a wide collection of women to assist you in purchasing pendants online. Explore our jewellery collection and find the perfect match today.