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Gold Ring With White Stone

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A Comprehensive Guide to White Gold Rings

White gold has become a fashionable choice in the world of jewellery, and rings are no exception. Whether you're looking to find a glittering gemstone-adorned statement piece or the perfect symbol of marital commitment, this guide covers all of the details you need to know when it comes to selecting the perfect white gold ring. Read on to find out more.

White Gold Ring with Pink Stone

A pink stone set on a white gold ring offers an excellent combination of feminine sophistication and modern style. The soft hue of the pink stone contrasts elegantly with the bright shine of the white gold, creating an eye-catching piece of jewellery that stands out without being too ostentatious. The pink stone can range from pale pink to a deep, vibrant hue. Along with the other stones available on the market, this gem can be an excellent choice for many occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, engagements, and more, making it a wonderful gift for a special someone.

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White Gold Ring with Emerald Stone

The deep green of an emerald set in a white gold ring is a timeless combination that is sure to make any wearer stand out from the crowd. The stunning hue of the emerald, as well as its classic shape, is enhanced by the brightness of the white gold band. Whether you choose a traditional or modern-style ring, the emerald will add an air of sophistication and elegance to any look. An emerald ring is also thought to carry special energies and can be a wonderful choice for anyone looking to make a meaningful statement.

Men's Gold Ring with White Stone

A gold ring with a white stone is perfect for any man that wants to make a bold statement with his jewellery. This piece of jewellery offers a dashing combination of classic and modern styles, making it a perfect addition to any outfit. The white stone adds a fresh and modern touch to the traditional gold, making it an ideal choice for a man that wants to stand out. The ring can be customized to suit any budget and is the perfect way to really show off a man’s style.

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White Gold Ring with Green Stone

A green stone set in a white gold ring offers a striking and unique appearance. The lush green hue of the stone stands out brilliantly against the brightness of the white gold, creating an eye-catching piece of jewellery. This piece of jewellery is a beautiful way to bring a touch of nature’s beauty to any ensemble. The green stone can be a subtle hint of colour or a vibrant statement, depending on the type of stone used. It is an excellent choice for those looking to add a little something special to their look.

White Gold Ring with Purple Stone

A purple stone set in a white gold ring creates an enchanting and luxurious piece of jewellery. The soft hue of the purple stone contrasts dramatically with the bright white gold, resulting in a piece that is sure to draw attention. This combination of colours symbolizes wealth and luxury and can be an excellent gift for someone special. The purple stone can range from pale lavender to a deep, vibrant shade, making it a great choice for those looking for something a little different.

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Gold Ring Design for Males with White Stone

When seeking to design a ring for a man, white is a timeless and sophisticated choice. Whether it is used as a centrepiece gemstone or a subtle accent stone, white can provide a sophisticated and calming effect to a ring design. For a gold ring design that combines white stone and gold, the classic look is timeless. Look for a ring design that highlights the white stone in a central area of the ring, with gold as a border. This creates a ring with a profound visual impact.

When choosing the white stone for this ring, consider classical choices such as diamonds, pearls, or moissanite. Diamonds are the most durable and are a popular choice for any special occasion. The brilliant sparkle of a classic diamond can elevate any look, and is a timeless choice for a man's ring. Another beautiful option for a white stone is a pearl. Both freshwater and saltwater pearls look beautiful when framed against warm gold tones.

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White Gold Ring with Aquamarine Stone

An aquamarine stone can add a romantic touch to a classic white gold ring design. These blue-green gems are said to promote self-expression and acceptance of others, making them a thoughtful and meaningful choice for a man's ring. To maximize the aquamarine stone, select a larger carat weight, so the blue-green tones are in full view. When paired with the silvery-white material of white gold, the aquamarine stone stands out beautifully.

Look for a design that frames the aquamarine in its centre, with white gold encircling it. You can choose a plain or ornate setting for the aquamarine - plain for a more low-key look and ornate for a bit of extra flair. Consider adding diamonds as accents to the setting for an extra bit of sparkle. This creates an eye-catching combination of deep blue-green and dazzling white that is sure to turn heads. The combination of aquamarine and white gold makes for a timeless choice for a man's ring.

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White Gold Ring with Black Stone

For a man seeking a dramatic edge to his ring design, look no further than a black stone set in white gold. These striking combinations provide a high-contrast look with a dark and mysterious appeal. Look for a ring design that uses black as the centerpiece, framed in white gold. This creates a bold and arresting look that immediately draws the eye.

Many gemstones can offer a black colour, including onyx, tourmaline, and black diamonds. Onyx is a classic option, with a glossy black surface and noticeable swirls of white throughout. Tourmaline offers a glossy black hue with a unique pattern, often including a darker outer ring and lighter inner ring. Finally, black diamonds have become a popular choice for jewellery as of late, with brilliance and sparkle that can rival white diamonds. When set into a white gold band, these stones create a deceptively subtle yet heavily eye-catching look.

White Gold Ring with Blue Stone

For a serene look to a man's ring design, consider a blue stone set into white gold. This combination creates a peaceful, calming look that enhances the beauty of the blue. There are a few classic choices available when shopping for a blue gemstone, including blue sapphires, topaz, and blue diamonds.

Blue sapphires are the classic option, known for their eye-catching blue hue and durability. They come in a variety of shades, so you can choose a stone with a bright or deep blue hue. If you prefer a brighter look, consider a blue topaz. This gem comes in brilliant blue shades with a striking, sparkly quality that can rival diamonds. For the true blue look, blue diamonds offer a unique colour and intense sparkle. Set into a white gold band, all of these options will create an eye-catching and calming look.

White Gold Ring with Ruby Stone

Rubies are a recent addition to popular ring designs, and they add a flashy and passionate touch. Although they come in shades of pink, look for a deep, rich red ruby surrounded by white gold for the ideal effect. When shopping for a ruby stone, it is important to consider clarity and colour. Look for a stone with an eye-catching and deep red hue, with as few inclusions as possible, so the stone stands out even more when set into the ring.

Create a setting that highlights the stone, with the ruby in the centre surrounded by white gold. This creates a beautifully high-contrast look that catches the eye. Consider adding diamond accents to the setting for an extra special touch. Or, for a truly unique look, combine two separate gems for a split shank design. This allows for a stunning combination of both red and white, with the ruby as the centre of attention. With these dramatic and passionate looks, a ruby and white gold ring is sure to turn heads.