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Gold Rope Chain

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Is a gold rope chain extremely heavy?


A gold rope chain is not extremely heavy; however, it carries a bit more weight when compared to the other sleek designs.

What is the price of a gold rope chain? 


The price of a gold rope chain starts from INR 10,000 and can go up to INR 60,000 depending on your choice. One of the major reasons behind the difference in price is that the net weight is different in each case regarding a gold rope chain.

Can I wear a gold rope chain every day?


The unique thing about the chain is the design; hence, it goes extremely well if you wear it on special occasions. However, some people are habituated to wearing such ornaments daily, which would not be a big problem for them.

Is the quality of the gold rope chain good enough?


You can rest assured that we will always use the best quality gold; it also gets certification from the authorities before we use it. If you feel any problem with the chain, you can contact us immediately and return it. 



The Perfect Statement Piece: The Gold Rope Chain 

None of us can deny that most of us love to stick to the original classic designs when it comes to gold. One of the most authentic designs you can choose to stick to is the gold rope chain. As you can understand from the name itself, the design of the chain resembles that of a rope and is a bit heavier than your standard gold chain options, which can come in sleek versions as well. 

The rope design gold chain is one of the most popular designs to date, and you can get it from Candere by Kalyan Jewellers. We think it is the perfect statement piece to kick any outfit up a notch. 

How Can You Flaunt A Gold Rope Chain?

Gold rope chains are gaining popularity in the fashion community, and even the men's gold rope chain has become extremely popular. So how do you make yourself look like an all-knowing fashionista? Simple, just go get yourself a Gold Rope chain. Here are a couple of tips on how you can style it.

1. Minimalistic outfits:

If you are one to dress down and go for simple looks generally but want to elevate your outfit and bring everything together, the gold rope chain is the perfect accessory for you. If you don’t like chunky jewellery, you can always go for a sleeker option. These also go really well with formal outfits to add a bit of flair to light coloured formals.

2. Traditional Indian Outfits

Be it a hollow gold rope chain or any other rope chain gold design, you will notice that the real beauty of the chain comes out well when you pair it with traditional outfits. It looks amazing if you wear it with bright sarees and kurtas for men.

3. Brides

And finally, once you look at the rope gold chain design, you will know that it is a traditional design, so it goes amazing on the bride. In this case, the best thing to do is to team up the gold rope chain with the help of a choker; hence, the look will be much more complete as well.