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Gold Stud Earrings

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  1. Starry Crescent Gold Mismatch Earrings Starry Crescent Gold Mismatch Earrings
    ₹4,831 ₹6,093

    35% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  2. newArrivals
    Butterfly Queen Gold Stud Earrings Butterfly Queen Gold Stud Earrings
    ₹14,435 ₹17,348

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  3. First Love Peacock Gold Earrings First Love Peacock Gold Earrings
    ₹16,514 ₹20,451

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  4. Ombre Colourburst Peacock Gold Earrings Ombre Colourburst Peacock Gold Earrings
    ₹15,425 ₹19,102

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  5. bestSeller
    Feather Scape Peacock Gold Earrings Feather Scape Peacock Gold Earrings
    ₹16,417 ₹20,296

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  6. Hanuksha Diamond Earrings Hanuksha Diamond Earrings
    ₹53,272.53 ₹43,253 ₹50,736

    20% OFF on Stone price

  7. Triya Gold Stud Earrings Triya Gold Stud Earrings
    ₹12,643 ₹15,657

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  8. Megha Wave Gold Earrings Megha Wave Gold Earrings
    ₹7,629 ₹8,891

    35% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  9. Twisted Wave Gold Earrings Twisted Wave Gold Earrings
    ₹7,317 ₹8,579

    35% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  10. Messy Gold Earrings Messy Gold Earrings
    ₹6,541 ₹7,802

    35% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  11. Pear Nectarine Gold Earrings Pear Nectarine Gold Earrings
    ₹19,055 ₹23,597

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  12. Qiyara Gold Earrings Qiyara Gold Earrings
    ₹24,380 ₹30,059

    45% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  13. Azura Gold Earrings Azura Gold Earrings
    ₹66,373 ₹81,204

    50% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  14. Nina Gold Earrings Nina Gold Earrings
    ₹29,642 ₹37,680

    45% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  15. Emilia Gold Earrings Emilia Gold Earrings
    ₹15,970 ₹19,777

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  16. Clementine Gold Earrings Clementine Gold Earrings
    ₹15,425 ₹19,102

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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Gold Stud Earrings For Women: A Must Have

"Give a woman darkness and she will wrap the wounds of the world. Give a woman light and she will guide your heart before her own."

Gold Stud Earrings: Nothing Like It

Gold stud earrings are small ear accessories. But despite being small, they sit delicately at the edge of your earlobe, giving an appearance of fullness. They will not hang from your ears and are fastened mainly by screws.

It has the perfect balance of contemporary as well as traditional gold stud designs, ranging from elaborate gold studs to minimal artwork gold stud designs. Hence, all gold studs designs from the collection can be worn for festivities, marriages, work and even college/school.

Each of the gold stud design pieces in this collection has a matching pendant or a necklace to go with for festive wear. If you can't find a match to your liking, we shall make one for you in a particular order. So explore your creative side and go ahead, enjoy shopping!  

Gold Stud Earrings Design: Options Galore

Gold studs are the safest choice for ear jewellery. They will always harmonise well with whatever outfit you wear. While most gold studs for women are usually in floral or leave shape, design and pattern, some contemporary gold stud designs make liberal use of geometric patterns. 

These modern gold studs for women look extremely elegant and classy despite minimalism. Like all the other gold jewellery products, some gold stud designs use unique cuts and shapes. The finely crafted ear studs in gold are cast in white, yellow, or rose pink gold. 

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Gold Studs Online: Get Spoilt for Choices

The online shopping experience has been enhanced recently as more buyers are switching to online purchasing via several portals, channels and platforms. It is a matter of a few clicks, finger swipes and seconds, and you are the proud owner of a beautiful jewellery piece. 

When you buy gold studs online on Candere, it is definitely advantageous since Candere offers several benefits like gold stud designs with price comparison, brand comparison, a comfortable online shopping experience, best deals, competent pricing, payment plans, multiple modes of payment & so on. 

Candere offers several jewellery in stunning designs online, like necklace with earrings, pearl and diamond earrings, pink diamond earrings & real diamond stud earrings

You can also explore our wide range of gold ornaments online, like rose gold diamond earrings. Check the prices and designs and pick what suits your preferences.

Gold Stud Earrings Design With Price

Most gold stud earrings range from INR 5000 to INR 20000 or more, depending upon the design, carat, weight, etc. The prices of gold jewellery also fluctuate based on the changes in bullion rate. Any of these pieces can be customised for festivities into an elaborate design to suit the occasion. After all, you live only once. So why wear boring jewellery at all? 

Gold-Plated Stud Earrings: A Beautiful Choice

These simple and elegant gold-plated studs are an excellent option for college students, professionals and homemakers who want to keep their look minimalist. It goes well with all kinds of attire.

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Gold Stud Earrings Price

The price of a gold stud earring varies from piece to piece and is based on added elements today gold rate in mumbai. The deciding factors are weight, existing gold rate, making charges, and any use of gemstones, including diamonds, ruby, sapphire, etc. The use of metal is another deciding parameter. 

Buy Gold Stud Earrings For Girls with DGRP Plan

If you really want to buy a piece but do not have the budget, Candere offers the DGRP (Double Gold Rate Protection) plan, which allows you to purchase jewellery without worrying about fluctuating gold prices.

The DGRP plan allows you to spread your payments over a few months for your convenience. You may book your jewellery under the DGRP plan by paying a nominal fee of 10% of the bill amount on the day of the booking. 

Also explore our moti earrings, circle diamond earrings, white gold hoop earrings & diamond long drop earrings.

You won't have to be concerned about rising gold prices since you'll be able to pay for your jewellery in convenient monthly installments. The gold price on the day you bought the jewellery will be used to determine the final pricing. 

Even if the price of gold rises, your investment remains secure. And if they fall, you can pre-close to get your jewellery at the reduced gold rate at no extra charge. It's always a pleasure to shop at Candere, as with a beautiful collection, you get so many perks!


How much does a gold stud cost?

Depending upon the weight, size, design and current gold rate, the prize varies for every gold stud. The starting price on Candere is INR 5925 and overall price will likely increase if you add more elements to the piece, like a hanging or ear chain. So make your choice as per your budget, liking and requirement.

What is the price of 1 gram gold earrings?

Prices can vary depending on the bullion market, the intricacy of designs, weight, and making charges. Prices may rise if you add more elements to the piece. The starting rate on Candere is INR 5925 onwards. Explore individual products to know more.

How much does a stud earring cost?

The starting price on Candere is INR 5925 onwards. There are various factors that decide the cost of a jewellery item. These factors are market rate, making charges, design and patterns involved, the metal used, etc. For instance, if you are looking for stud earrings in platinum, the cost will be different from the stud earrings in gold. It is imperative to check out your preferences and budget estimate.

What is the rate of 5-gram gold earrings?

Nothing can be fixed in terms of price in the gold market as the cost depends upon various elements, such as current market gold rate, designs' intricacy, metal opted, making charges, weight, carat, etc. You can check out Candere's website for prices starting INR 5925 onwqrds. It is crucial to keep all these factors in mind and then decide on your favourite earrings. In some cases, precious jewels are used, and they trigger the overall cost of the piece.

What kinds of designs are popular in gold stud earrings?

Designs and patterns, craftsmanship and use of precious stones are the things to see in stud earrings. These are the elements that make these pieces popular. There are many designs available to suit your preference, including floral patterns, teardrops, leaf patterns, geometrical styles, etc. So, choose one that suits your needs, styles, and budget.