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Gold Studs for Men

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With Gold Studs for Men, Create Your Own Style

The latest fashion accessory for men that comes under the jewellery category is gold earrings or gold studs. These gold ear studs for men resemble tiny gold hoops around your ear lobes with a clasp at the back for locking. They are either plain gold or encrusted with diamonds along their length, though you can explore only gold earrings for men in this collection. 

These simple gold stud design earrings can be worn with any outfit, though it's best to avoid them for office wear. With traditional or casual outfits, these can be worn and flaunted with ease and élan.

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Gold Ear Studs for Men Holds Ancient Significance

One may feel that gold stud earrings for men are the most contemporary style statement, but men flaunted these jewels even in the old days. Among Hindu men, earrings were intended to open inner years to hear sacred sounds that eventually cleanse the mind and nurture the spirit. This practice was followed by the kings, princes, and men of the royal clan, though with different tastes and styles. 

Small golden stud earrings make men look handsome and charismatic. it looks equally elegant and royal on men of all ages, whether Indian or foreign. Gold studs for men are designed to offer flexibility for matching attire and other accessories like rings, chains, pendants, or studs. 

These pieces were usually carved in precious or semi-precious metals, using stones, studs, kundans, gemstones, pearls, and other materials that they thought were important for overall well-being.

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In Which Ear Should a Man Wear an Earring?


While a guy's ears are pierced, they can choose to wear an earring on any side they prefer. Several fashion icons and celebrities across nations initiated waves by sporting gold stud earrings in one ear with charisma and exhibiting an enhanced style. Thus, men prefer wearing gold studs on the left, right, or even both ears, based on their choice and interest. 

Also, according to Chinese belief, wearing an earring on the left prevents bad luck. However, it doesn't make much difference nowadays, as men prefer wearing gold earrings on their left ear as a style statement.

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What is an Ideal Gold Stud Size for a Guy?

Guys are keen on experimenting with accessories these days. They prefer a classic range of options, like hoops, dangly, novelty styles, gold stud designs, or diamond earrings. However, it is best to understand your ear size before picking an earring for yourself. 

Take a ruler and measure the size of your earlobe in centimeters or millimeters before the purchase. Generally, stud designs for a guy can vary from 0.25-4cm, and a 1cm (0.39") gold stud design may comfortably cover or sit on your earlobe. For a mix of gold and diamond, it is best to prefer the look of a 1 carat diamond stud earring.

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Can Earrings be Masculine?

Generally speaking, a standard men's piercing will be the same as a woman's and has no difference. Though, when it comes to designs, women prefer flaunting heavy, broad hoops or danglers, while men prefer a more straightforward and smaller design to accentuate their look. 

The earrings designs for men can range from stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangler men's earrings, clip-on earrings for men, magnetic earrings, novelty earrings for men, barbell earrings, gauge earrings, gold stud design earrings, silver earrings for men and diamond men's earrings, and makes up for a vast range of options. But the gold stud men's earrings can be flaunted anytime and on any occasion and are easy to upkeep.

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Get Your Favorite Ear Gold Studs for Men with DGRP

Gold ear studs for men are one of the most common jewellery trends, along with men’s gold rings and pendants. The intricate ear stud for men's gold designs makes them desirable. To solve your budget issues for buying gold studs designs for men, Candere provides a fantastic offer called DGRP. Double Gold Rate Protection is a scheme that allows the buyer to pay only 10% of the total amount at the checkout, with easy installments over a few months to cover the full cost.


Q. What kind of gold studs can men wear?

Men can opt for any kind of stud earring that suits their style. It depends on the design and detailing of the earrings, and it is one of the most common jewellery men prefer. 

Q. What are the types of gold studs?

You can choose gold studs based on shapes, designs, stones, materials, etc. Get squares, hexagons, circles, ovals, triangles, etc. 

Q. How much should a gold stud weigh?

A single gold stud can weigh upto two gms. Thus, pair these in equal weights on both ears for a modish look.