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Green Diamond Ring

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Diamond rings are always the most sought after by men and women. Traditionally, men have always serenaded and professed love for women with a diamond ring. Diamond rings occupy a special place in one's jewellery closet, and a green diamond ring could well be the star attraction. Diamonds in green are rare and found only in museums. Green diamonds are a rarity because their colour is caused by natural radiation. Green diamonds resulted as a part of volcanic activity in the earth, and the exposure of diamonds to radioactive minerals absorbed colours until they remained green. Green diamonds can be created artificially by exposing white diamonds to radiation through a linear accelerator or a nuclear reactor. Candere brings you a rare selection of green diamond rings to pick and choose from. A piece is a priceless buy and a wonderful addition to your exquisite jewellery collection. Also explore our diamond rings for girls, single diamond rings, yellow diamond ringsgents diamond ring & diamond rings for boys.

Green Diamond Ring Designs

With the process of creating a green diamond being so arduous, Candere ensures that the designs that bear the stone are no less rare. Designed to appeal to those who love to possess something unique, a green diamond ring design from the Candere collection could be something that you can flaunt on special occasions. Ideal for festive occasions or special days, the limited edition of the Candere green diamond ring is for those who wish to own the classiest and chic things.  Also explore our bluestone diamond ring, diamond finger ring, ladies diamond ring, silver diamond ring & diamond ring under 10000.

Green Diamond Engagement Rings 

At Candere, the setting for the green diamond ring is designed with care and precision. The green diamonds are set in a basket of rings accentuated in gold or rose gold. The green diamond is nestled in the middle and surrounded by white diamonds of thick gold bands. A contrast effect makes the halo of the green diamond radiate and is also a popular choice. If green diamonds are expensive, there are budget options where a green diamond halo is added to a colourless diamond centre stone. You can also add tiny green accents to wedding rings and eternity rings. Also explore our pink diamond ring, red diamond ringblack diamond ring & blue diamond ring.

Green diamond ring price

The price range for a green diamond ring starts at Rs 1,00,000 and is available in 18K or 22K gold only. Competitively priced, Candere helps you to buy the green diamond ring at installments with their DGRP scheme. The Double Gold Rate Protection scheme from Candere helps you pay for your jewellery in installments without any worry about making a down payment upfront. With DGRP, you only have to pay 10% of the price of the jewellery and make the rest of the payment according to schedule. The repayment rates do not differ in case of a change in the price of gold. Customers have the flexibility to close the scheme by paying the entire amount if the rate of gold drops. Either way, the customer benefits as they do not pay any amount over the purchase price.

Green Diamond Ring Online India

Candere now brings its jewellery collection of the green diamond ring online India, making it easy for customers to shop for their accessories. You can now browse through several designs and pick the design that appeals to you at the click of a button. The ring selector helps you measure your ring's size and buy one that can add to your collection.