Gold Jewellery on Installment with DGRP

Gold Jewellery on Installment with DGRP

(1026 Items)
Our Pick
Sanika Gold Jhumki
Rs. 58,292

Offer Price: Rs. 43,474 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Aarohi Gold Earring
Rs. 41,350

Offer Price: Rs. 33,078 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Our Pick
Conrad Gold Ring
Rs. 71,294

Offer Price: Rs. 57,032 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Oliver Gold Ring
Rs. 49,005

Offer Price: Rs. 39,202 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Captivating Diamond Mangalsutra
Rs. 115,604 Rs. 92,483

Offer Price: Rs. 72,192 (Zero Making on Diamond Jewellery)

Wati Diamond Mang...
Rs. 77,023 Rs. 61,618

Offer Price: Rs. 43,335 (Zero Making on Diamond Jewellery)

Garima Gold Manga...
Rs. 78,278

Offer Price: Rs. 63,195 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Georgia Gold Mang...
Rs. 49,876

Offer Price: Rs. 38,617 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Our Pick
Kadambini Chandra...
Rs. 152,347

Offer Price: Rs. 125,775 (60% Making off on Gold Jewellery)

Our Pick
Love Of Lappa Gol...
Rs. 70,531

Offer Price: Rs. 57,615 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Our Pick
Rytasha Gold Laks...
Rs. 149,250

Offer Price: Rs. 123,218

Our Pick
The Bengali Bride...
Rs. 96,134

Offer Price: Rs. 80,763 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Nishk Gold Bangle
Rs. 72,842

Offer Price: Rs. 61,195 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Ships Fast
Yellow Spring Gol...
Rs. 50,443

Offer Price: Rs. 42,082 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Our Pick
Saeed Gold Kada
Rs. 124,185

Offer Price: Rs. 93,945 (60% Making off on Gold Jewellery)

Sumitra Kyra Rajk...
Rs. 58,577

Offer Price: Rs. 48,867 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)


Buy Gold jewellery on EMI with DGRP

Explore and buy your favourite diamond and gold jewellery on EMI from Candere with attractive DGRP plans and payment options. The types of jewellery you can shop include ring, earring, pendant, bangle, band, necklace, bracelet, kada, chain, cufflinks, kurta buttons and mangalsutra. Go ahead and explore 2900+ designs at Candere!

How Does the DGRP Gold on EMI Scheme Works?

The DGRP scheme allows you to stay protected from the fluctuating market gold rates and extra charges levied by stores. Simply choose the DGRP option while checking out and choose the applicable payment plan (2-6 months for gold, 2-12 months for diamond) to avail the benefits. This plan allows you to make your monthly payments based on the gold rate while booking rather than as per changing market rates. With zero processing fees and interest rates, you only need to book by paying 10% and you can become the proud owner of your beloved gold or diamond jewellery.

Gold Jewellery on EMI without Credit Card

With Candere’s DGRP plans, you do not need to pay with your credit card to avail its benefits. While paying by credit card is one of the options, you can easily pay through Net Banking, Cheque Deposit, NEFT and Debit Card apart from your credit card.

Gold Jewellery on EMI Online with DGRP

The DGRP Plan of Candere extends to all its gold jewellery, regardless of whether it is yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold jewellery. Purchase all gold jewellery in 14K, 18k and 22K gold on EMI with the DGRP plan. With secured and guaranteed affordability, you can easily customise them as per your budget. Gold jewellery at Candere is suitable for daily wear, workwear, wedding, festive, and party wear, and can be bought on 2-6 months plan or up to 12 months plan.

Diamond Jewellery on EMI with DGRP

Diamonds have a charm none can escape. Feel free to shop your diamond jewellery on EMI with Candere’s DGRP plan. You can find diamond jewellery for all occasions, including but not limited to daily wear, party wear, engagement, wedding, casual outings, gifting, and workwear.
You can also get gemstone and diamond jewellery on EMI with DGRP. The gemstones listed on this page are Red Spinel, Pearl, Iolite, Green Onyx, Tanzanite, Ruby, Peridot, Citrine, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, etc. Gemstone jewellery is mostly worn when ladies opt for a cocktail ring. However, you can find many more designs like earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and bracelets on the Candere website.

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