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Love Rings

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Q1. How do I choose a love ring?

Ans. You should choose a love ring that aligns with your relationship's principles and narrates your love for your partner. 


Q2. How much is the cost of a love ring?

Ans. Our range of love rings starts from the low price of INR 9,000 so that everyone can express their love freely.


Q3. Which love ring is best: gold or diamond?

Ans. The best love ring differs from person to person. You should opt for a love ring that matches your partner's taste and your budget. We have thousands of options for both gold and diamond love rings.


Q4. What is the importance of a love ring?

Ans. A love ring shows your commitment and love towards your partner. It is a beautiful way to confess your love. 


Q5. How many carats is the love ring?

Ans. At Candere, we give you the power to decide the diamond quality and carat for your jewellery as per your budget and taste.



Love Rings for the Lovebirds!

Love Symbol Gold Ring

Love is one of the most beautiful emotions to experience. If you have found true love in this world, then you are a few of the luckiest people. Therefore, to celebrate something so special, we have launched gold rings with love symbols! 

Gold is considered an auspicious metal that brings prosperity to the wearer while diamonds represent a lifelong commitment. Therefore, a ring that has a combination of gold with diamond will be a perfect gift for your special someone. Our gold rings with a love symbol will make for a perfect engagement or wedding ring. 

Love Name Ring

Gone are the days when people used to shy away from expressing their love. The lovebirds of this era showcase their love boldly and loudly, which is admirable! Because why should love stay behind the curtains? 

One such fashionable and trendy way to announce your love to the world is through name rings! This is why we come up with love gold name rings. Our love-shaped rings with names can be a romantic and thoughtful gift for your partner. So without wasting any time, explore gold love rings with names now! 

Love Band Ring

Searching for love band rings online? You are at the right place! At Candere, we have thousands of love band rings that you can view and buy from the comfort of your house. 

These love bands can also be used as engagement rings. The sleek, minimalistic, and lightweight designs of gold love bands make it a perfect pick for modern-day couples. So explore our collection of love bands now!