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Madhya Pradesh is known as the ‘Heart of India’. The Madhya Pradesh jewellery is also something that has worn everyone’s heart. They are simple yet fashionable and elaborate. Our wedding jewellery collection also includes a bunch of designs that can be adorned gracefully by the Madhya Pradesh bride-to-be. We curated this page with some stunning Madhya Pradesh jewellery for you to shop from. Here’s a quick intro of what to expect from this page.

Madhya Pradesh Jewellery Collection

The wedding jewellery sets available here includes some of the premium Kalyan Jewellers wedding collections as well. There are different types of jewellery on this page – necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets and rings. What’s interesting is, these Madhya Pradesh is not only for women but also for men.

Madhya Pradesh Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is something a bride cannot miss out on. Not only is wearing gold Madhya Pradesh jewellery considered auspicious but also they have a brilliant shine that just adds to the wedding vibes. There are a bunch of link bracelets for men that can be an ideal wedding gift for your husband-to-be or to the groom. Made with 22K yellow gold, these link bracelet designs can be sported daily for the jewellery lover. Some of these designs are for festive occasions and is ideal as a wedding or anniversary gift.

Madhya Pradesh Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstones are the best way of adding a rainbow of colours to our jewellery. The Kalyan jewellers collections which employ gemstones to make everything look bring and colourful are Mudhra, Rang and Nivara collections. All these collections have their own charm i.e. Mudhra collection is handcrafted antique jewellery, Rang is a collection dedicated to precious and semi-precious gemstones while Nivara is the perfect collection to get your wedding and other related ceremonies sorted. The best thing about shopping Madhya Pradesh jewellery here is that they are available in a set. Most necklaces are available with their matching pair of earrings, thus making styling from your end much simpler and hassle-free. Chokers, collar necklaces, rani haar, layered necklace – all these different designs of necklaces come with their matching earrings. Don’t restrict yourself to one design to find the right pair. Also explore our Diamond Jewellery, Men’s Jewellery & 22K Gold Jewellery Shopping, Platinum Jewellery, Stone jewellery.


Shopping Madhya Pradesh jewellery liberates you from sticking to a typical design. These contemporary Madhya Pradesh jewellery designs will definitely add to your wedding day charm. Moreover, these wedding jewellery are not just typical bridal designs, they can be worn for other events as well. These will also make a gorgeous gift for your wife on any anniversary. India is not a country where jewellery, clothes, etc . are not restricted to a certain area. If you are not from Madhya Pradesh, feel free to browse the page or buy this Madhya Pradesh jewellery if your heart is set on them. One of the most suitable forms of payment for wedding jewellery is EMI. There are two types of EMI for Madhya Pradesh jewellery – Plan & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht. Other payment methods include a debit card, credit card, cheque deposit, bank transfer, etc. You can also get your Madhya Pradesh wedding jewellery insured for a very nominal charge at checkout.