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Mangalsutra Necklace

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What is a mangalsutra necklace?

A mangalsutra necklace is made of a chain of black beads connected to a pendant at the end. Married Indian women wear a mangalsutra necklace.

What is the purpose of wearing mangalsutra?

A married woman wears a mangalsutra to show her love, commitment, and respect for her husband and God. It also represents the union of two individuals.

Who gives mangalsutra to the bride?

The groom ties a black mangalsutra necklace around the wife’s neck on the day of their wedding. It is a symbol of their union as a couple. 

Why is mangalsutra worn in neck?

Married women wear a big pendant black thread mangalsutra necklace set around their necks to indicate their marital status. Alternatively, you can wear mangalsutra bracelets on your wrist.

Which type of mangalsutra is best?

All kinds of Mangalsutras are best, but brides nowadays love to adorn small black beads mangalsutra necklaces.


Mangalsutra Necklace to Flaunt Your Love!

A mangalsutra necklace is a sacred piece of jewellery. Married women in India wear it to show their marital status and invite good luck to their husbands. In traditional Indian society, a wife not wearing a mangalsutra is considered unholy. A black mangalsutra necklace is the most common among married ladies. However, some women opt for unique options like a diamond mangalsutra necklace. The mangalsutra is a symbol of the love and commitment of two people for each other. You can gift your wife a black beads mangalsutra necklace as a token of your love. We have multiple mangalsutra necklace designs to match the taste of women from all age groups. The beautiful patterns of our mangalsutra locket will make you the talk of the town as soon as you wear it!

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Buy Mangalsutra Necklace Online

Gone are the days of visiting thousands of jewellers to compare gold rates. You can now buy gold jewellery at the lowest rates within a few clicks! Here are some perks of shopping with us:

  • We sell gold necklace mangalsutra at the most competitive rates. We also offer huge discounts on making charges.
  • With Candere, you get the exact design displayed on your screen, delivered to your home!
  • Our buyers can customize their diamond mangalsutra necklace set as per their preference and budget. You get to choose from SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH, and VVS EF diamonds.
  • You get 100% genuine products. All our black beads mangalsutra necklace designs possess necessary quality certifications like BIS hallmark and IGI.
  • We offer express delivery in most India pin codes without any extra charges.

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Black Mangalsutra Necklace Styling Tips

A married woman has to wear the black thread mangalsutra necklace set every day. It slowly becomes part of their appearance. Therefore, it is important to style your mangalsutra necklace set nicely. Use these five styling tips to look stunning while wearing a mangalsutra:

  • Purchase a big pendant black thread mangalsutra necklace set to wear at festivals and weddings. It will complete your ethnic look.
  • You can use a small black thread mangalsutra necklace set as workwear jewellery.
  • Wear diamond studs along with a diamond mangalsutra necklace to shine the brightest of all.
  • Part your hair from the middle when wearing a black thread mangalsutra necklace set for a more mature look.
  • Wear our black mangalsutra necklace with contrasting colors like pink, white, and more.