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Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Classic Creations Pendants

Oakley Diamond Pendant

Rs. 84,635 Rs. 77,672

Style No C006964

Bentley Diamond Pendant

Rs. 73,279 Rs. 64,421

Style No C006942

Horse Shoe Diamond Pendant

Rs. 73,085 Rs. 67,564

Style No C007006

Zuben Diamond Pendant

Rs. 58,917 Rs. 53,314

Style No C006976

Rolex Diamond Pendant

Rs. 89,668 Rs. 81,939

Style No C006958

Triston Diamond Pendant

Rs. 73,631 Rs. 68,802

Style No C006946

Carter Diamond Pendant

Rs. 32,858 Rs. 27,815

Style No C006962

Jackson Diamond Pendant

Rs. 55,641 Rs. 49,230

Style No C006955

Samson Diamond Pendant

Rs. 44,115 Rs. 39,929

Style No C006966

Celtic Diamond Pendant

Rs. 13,419

Style No C010569

Mens Classic Pendants

All men’s jewellery, accessories have a certain class and standard, set by well-known fashionistas and some high end brands too. This is a kind of benchmark that others should follow suit with and set expectations high from the fashion industry. When designers design these categories of jewellery, fashion accessories or even mainstream designs for that matter, each one follows their heart and puts their passion onto their designs; but, depending on what product you are designing, who is your audience, and few other factors, certain parameters have to be met. This does not mean there is no creative liberty in what you are doing, but, for best results and to create the impact you intend to, it is best to set some parameters to follow, keeping largely in mind, the area or region you are targeting for business.

Mens Designer Diamond Pendants

Off late, even men have begun adoring diamonds, gemstones, precious metals and fashion accessories, given that it has been getting women so much attention, our gentlemen thought there is no harm in giving it a try.


When you want to make a statement, impress and cast a long-lived impression, classic diamond pendants are a great way to speak up for who you are, without using words. Usually, jewellery designed for men is visibly set apart from those for women, in that they are not very delicate or feminine in design or look. Well, Candere pendants under this collection are mostly robust geometrical shaped, heavy weight gold pendants, whose contours are traced by diamonds. These are the kinds that will surely make heads turn for you, without doing much; all you have to do is look gorgeously handsome!

Classic Pendants On EMI

Because gemstones and diamonds studded jewellery is pricey, we extend you the liberty of the EMI option to plan your purchase. Once you have selected and finalized your design on Candere, simply make a booking payment of any amount you choose and then continue to pay the remaining amount over a period of a few months. The booking amount is a part of your total order value, so you are never paying a penny above the total price of the jewellery. There is no extra cost involved in the form of interests. This way, you protect your price too.

Classic Diamond Pendant Jewelry

Were you aware that almost every single piece of jewellery you purchase, buy, see on the shelf is certified? So is it with your precious stones. Every single precious gem embedded in your jewellery carries a certificate from the same certifying lab, it could be either of Gemological Institute of America or International Gemological Institute. In the USA, most of the gemstones are certified by the American Gemological Laboratories. Just so you are aware as a buyer of jewellery, never accept the delivery of any jewellery – metal or studded - without it being accompanied by a proper, authentic certification for both the metal and the stone. Even precious metals are hallmarked by the BIS – a certificate plus a hallmarking on the product itself.

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