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Mens Engagement Rings

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  1. Mukund Diamond Ring Mukund Diamond Ring
    ₹43,987.00 ₹55,935.00

    40% OFF on Stone Price

  2. Romeo Diamond Wedding Ring For Him Romeo Diamond Wedding Ring For Him
    ₹71,727.00 ₹98,491.00

    40% OFF on Stone Price

  3. Ariv Diamond Ring Ariv Diamond Ring
    ₹43,536.00 ₹55,484.00

    40% OFF on Stone Price

  4. bestSeller
    Kirk Diamond Ring Kirk Diamond Ring
    ₹47,606.00 ₹55,170.00

    100% OFF on Making

  5. Menvin Diamond Ring Menvin Diamond Ring
    ₹53,214.00 ₹71,614.00

    40% OFF on Stone Price

  6. bestSeller
    Nelson Diamond Ring Nelson Diamond Ring
    ₹52,845.00 ₹62,519.00

    100% OFF on Making

  7. bestSeller
    Vansh Diamond Ring Vansh Diamond Ring
    ₹51,124.00 ₹59,957.00

    100% OFF on Making

  8. shipFast
    Jim Diamond Wedding Ring for Him Jim Diamond Wedding Ring for Him
    ₹19,902.00 ₹23,053.00

    50% OFF on Making

  9. shipFast
    Leon Diamond Wedding Ring For Him Leon Diamond Wedding Ring For Him
    ₹62,796.00 ₹89,560.00

    40% OFF on Stone Price

  10. The Fern Diamond Ring The Fern Diamond Ring
    ₹82,278.00 ₹93,227.00

    50% OFF on Making

  11. Shane Citrine Ring Shane Citrine Ring
    ₹35,189.00 ₹43,385.00

    50% OFF on Making

  12. Austen Citrine Ring Austen Citrine Ring
    ₹38,082.00 ₹46,395.00

    50% OFF on Making

  13. Cristos Diamond Ring Cristos Diamond Ring
    ₹85,040.00 ₹118,966.00

    40% OFF on Stone Price

  14. shipFast
    Ailbert Yellow Sapphire Ring Ailbert Yellow Sapphire Ring
    ₹127,786.00 ₹138,418.00

    55% OFF on Making

  15. shipFast
    Calvin Yellow Sapphire Ring Calvin Yellow Sapphire Ring
    ₹93,663.00 ₹102,518.00

    55% OFF on Making

  16. Alistair Blue Sapphire Ring Alistair Blue Sapphire Ring
    ₹120,386.00 ₹131,943.00

    55% OFF on Making

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Men’s Engagement Ring – a Sign of Commitment

Rings are those smallest pieces of jewellery that carry a lot of significance. From religious purposes to grooming, rings have a charm of their own. Rings are primarily bought for engagements, weddings, and special occasions. Engagements in India are incomplete without rings; and couples in India have to don only a ring to show their marital status.

The mangalsutra is worn by the women after the wedding but the engagement ring is always worn by the men to show that they are committed to the eternal bond of marriage. Most Indian families spend a lot of time and money when investing in men's engagement ring. Since it is one of the few pieces of gold jewellery that men wear, there are several styles and designs available in the market.

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Tradition Behind Wearing an Engagement Ring

Men's engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. When one thinks of engagement rings, what typically comes to mind? A woman flashing a large diamond-studded ring on her finger. Well, times have changed and men love to show their commitment to their relationship but donning an engagement ring too.

The tradition of engagement rings goes back to the 1920s when jewellery stores started popularizing the trend with a series of advertisements. However, the trend did not catch on until the early 2000s. Since then engagement rings have been worn by men and nowadays men wear them on their right hand and after it gets replaced by the wedding ring on the left hand.

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Different Styles of Men’s Engagement Ring

When it comes to men's engagement rings and wedding rings, there are many options available. Most of the time men have to choose from band styles made from gold, platinum, or rose gold. Jewellers have recognized this and men no longer have to choose from simple bands.

There are designs that help to show off their personality. Rather than just a band, men can now pick something that is different and unique. Some of the styles below will help you find the right one:

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  • Simple Band Style

The traditional style is timeless. It is ideal for those who do not like to wear anything flashy and just want a ring to show their commitment. Bands come in gold, platinum, rose gold, and white gold. So one can pick the color that they like.

  • Split Style

Retaining the band style, this one is for those wanting to make a statement. With a split running through the center of the ring, it makes it look a little more aesthetic.

  • Carved Style

With diamonds studded, details and texture added with milgrain and some carving, one can pick a stylish men’s engagement ring that makes an impact.

  • Knife Edge Style

This design offers an optical illusion. The design makes it appear thinner and is perfect for someone who likes to feel like wearing a thicker ring but is wearing a thinner one.

  • Diamond or Stone Studded Ones

For those men who like diamonds or stones, there are several designs in rings with stones embedded in them. From a cluster of stones to one solitaire diamond, there are several designs to choose from and flash that classy style. Rings with stones studded in them are thicker to be able to carry the weight of the stone and are perfect for those who like to wear thick rings.

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Price Range for Men's Engagement Rings

Designs of men's engagement rings have evolved over the years. Made in pure gold, the price varies according to size, shape, design, and pattern. Candere has a wide collection of men's engagement rings to choose from that will also suit every taste and budget.

The range of men's engagement rings starts from INR 30000 and goes up to 1.5 lacs. You can now shop for your loved one without worrying about picking a style that will match your budget.

Get Your Men’s Engagement Rings with the DGRP Plan

Candere now offers the DGRP plan to their customers when buying gold ornaments. Customers can now book jewellery online through the DGRP plan which lets them pay only 10% of the purchase amount at the time of checkout. The balance amount needs to be paid in installments. The installment amount and purchase price do not differ or fluctuate with the changes in the price of gold.