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A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure - Henry Kissinger

Multistone Rings For Men

When many stones are used – usually more than three – that is called as ‘multi-stone diamonds’ specified for the respective products. Candere has this collection for diamond rings for men. This is one collection, that’s intended to make you look stylish stud, no less. Most of the designs in this collection are meant for festive look, even though people wear them in a daily basis also. Diamonds are apparently the hardest material known to man and can easily sustain rough weather; the designs of these multistone rings for men, depict that.


The shank and the shoulder for these rings are particularly hammered to get the ridge and crest effect – that distinguishes them as robust looking men’s rings; even though there may be some multistone diamond bands too. What sets this collection apart is that it’s appealing to see the diamonds organized so well in rows and columns on all of these designer diamond rings for men.


These are all very sturdy and full-bodied rings that easily define the masculine personality; yellow and white gold is liberally used for this collection, rose gold is often not used for men’s jewellery.

Multistone Diamond Ring Designs

There are some really supercool awesome finger armour rings too in this collection, like: Mark, Arielle and Morrison. Mostly, all of the rings are set in multistone diamond patterns, resembling disciplined geometrical alignments. Making the best use of star diamonds and 1Ct diamonds and also making the best use of channel, bezel and pave settings.


Nonetheless, there are a selected few solitaire rings too, like Akshat Diamond Ring with bezel set 1Ct solitaire and William diamond band with 0.04Ct channel set solitaire. Even though the diamonds used may be of a lesser carat weight and lesser in quantities, these gold rings use a lot of metal, that weight it down in weight and price both.


The latest trend in the West followed by a few regions in the East is to exchange diamond studded religious rings (at least amongst Christians and Catholics) for engagement, ditching the traditional solitaire engagement rings. For that, you might love to order the Axel Cross and the Weston Cross diamond rings for your to-be-fiancé.

Astrological Rings For Men

You may also find some diamond studded Om rings for men like: Rudra OM, Om Maheshwara & Candere OM Diamond Rings; Horse Shoe is another religiously significant diamond studded ring that men might be interested in.


A typically western style robust design of Morrison Diamond Ring makes for a perfect gift to the groom; its shank is designed with layered steps and a narrow alley running through the shank. The center part is made of two concentric ovals of clustered prong set diamonds. In white gold, it couldn’t have been any more high-class.

Mens Diamond Ring Price

The USP of this collection is that most of the rings are by default set in flawless White Gold, bejewelled in channel or bezel set diamonds that look decorative as well as fashionable. The pricing is set between INR 20000 to 3.4 lakhs and solitaire sizes may vary from 0.15Ct to 1.00Cts. These rings are commonly meant for festive, occasion, wedding or anniversary wear, owing to the festive type durable and decorative patterns on them; unless some gentleman might make a difference to go ahead and order something non-stereotyped.


Since they are heavy on gold and diamonds, these rings are quite costly and you may consider the EMI option for payment. Candere offers the interest-free EMI payment option to plan your purchase well. This also protects the price.

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