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Diamond Faith Rings Rings for men

Om Maheshwara Diamond Ring

Rs. 54,482 Rs. 49,538

Style No C008785

When you have faith in your heart, you must express the same. Whether your faith and trust is for a loved one, or for your favourite Lord. Faith must be translated into feelings of love and conviction for your deity. And this conviction could be best described by diamonds and solitaires only. Period. For the sake of the love in your heart and the faith on your mind, Candere designs religious diamond rings for men - a celestial assortment of three completely distinctive diamond rings.


There is the signature Candere Om Diamond Ring a Candere speciality for all you devout men, devoted to your religious beliefs and systems, refusing to budge your faith, no matter what. A beautiful design of Om - meaning, ‘I am peaceful’, carved out in pure yellow gold, encased in an endless circle of unflinching diamonds, this will not let you flinch - even in adversity!


The Rudra Om Diamond Ring design is just the other way round - diamond studded Om with 32 celestial diamonds, enveloped by a pure golden square. It is sure to capture your faith within your heart sustaining it for a lifetime. It will look radiant on your masculine fingers, strengthening your bond with your Almighty!


An intrepid, independent Om stands along on a golden ring, holding above it, a beautiful celestial design, radiating spirituality and luminescence, the Om Maheshwara Diamond Ring is simply captivating! Perfect for a religious occasion or your spiritual endeavours. Even if you plan to take a sabbatical and go into introversion and self-reflection, this ring is sure to give you the company and moral boost that is needed.


Not gratified with diamonds yet? Go ahead and treat your eyes to our luxurious collection of diamond ring designs on ‘Bands’; ‘Multi-Stone Blaze’ and ‘Faith Rings’. You can make that valiant, alluring appearance on a wedding ceremony; create a beautiful gift pack on anniversary and pick a lovely solitaire for an engagement.


Make a shining, gallant entrance wherever you go; remember you are above the ordinary, the classy trend setter.

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