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Solitaire Rings for Men

Jack Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 73,016 Rs. 62,064

Style No C006991

Ronald Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 86,569 Rs. 73,584

Style No C006987

Edward Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 51,224 Rs. 43,540

Style No C006906

Donald Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 59,468 Rs. 50,548

Style No C002658

Angie Diamond Ring

Rs. 69,505 Rs. 59,079

Style No C002825

Naveen Diamond Ring

Rs. 113,692 Rs. 96,638

Style No C005270

Tushar Diamond Ring

Rs. 124,359 Rs. 105,705

Style No C005109

Nitya Diamond Ring

Rs. 454,508 Rs. 386,332

Style No C005150

Christopher Diamond Ring

Rs. 134,742 Rs. 114,531

Style No C006790

Samuel Diamond Ring

Rs. 113,482 Rs. 96,460

Style No C006777

Alson Diamond Ring

Rs. 115,155 Rs. 97,882

Style No C008249

Grayson Diamond Ring

Rs. 83,055 Rs. 70,597

Style No C006980

Dennis Diamond Ring

Rs. 159,506 Rs. 135,580

Style No C006793

Kenneth Diamond Ring

Rs. 87,231 Rs. 74,146

Style No C006785

Navya Diamond Band

Rs. 73,009 Rs. 62,058

Style No C003230

Romeo Diamond Wedding Ring For Him

Rs. 135,788 Rs. 115,420

Style No C006983

Solitaire Rings For Him

Solitaires are single stone diamonds, of a certain carat weight, and have specific cut & clarity measurements. Even though these are widely used in jewellery making, these days, solitaires are also used popularly in pendants and ear studs too. Solitaires are gaining popularity in bangles, bracelets, earrings, danglers, jhumkis, wedding bands, nosepins and necklaces too. Therefore, they adorn almost every part of you from head to toe. Even though, solitaires were popular for engagement bands, eternity bands, wedding bands and for women largely, men have begun admiring solitaires too. This is a positive revolutionary trend that involves women in purchasing the best solitaire ring for their male counterparts when getting betrothed. Apart from betrothal, men wear jewellery on several other occasions a la women. Therefore, jewellery makers and designers have suddenly found newer challenges to come up with innovative designs for men’s diamond jewellery too, in addition to that for women.

Design Of Solitaire Rings

Where usually, the width of the gold band or the ring defines the gender of the wearer, solitaire rings for men are usually thick banded, either straight band or concave on the outside. It is recommended that the interior of the band that comes in contact with the skin, should not be hollow or depressed, but should be packed and should fit snugly at the base of the finger. Or it may cause skin irritations, wrinkling or even itching. The robustness of the ring design is what differentiates it from women’s rings.

Solitaire Ring Designs With Price

Where for women’s rings, the jeweller may experiment with the type of shoulder or style of setting the diamond mound, for men’s solitaire rings, the experimentation is along the entire periphery of the shank or type of diamond setting, usually because it is a single stone. Also, when yellow is the preferred gold colour, white is also widely used for making solitaire rings for men. These rings use a good amount of gold too; and hence can be costlier than women’s solitaire rings, where lesser gold is used.


Setting: tension, bezel, channel, flush & pave are the most commonly used settings for the solitaire stones, prong settings are used but are less popular. The carat sizes for designer solitaire rings for men scales from 0.15Ct to 1.00Cts and the stone shape is mostly round or princess. Usually, only a single stone – the solitaire – is used, even though one may occasionally find a few pieces with multi-stone setting.

Men's Solitaire Ring Online

Prices for men’s solitaire ring online scales from INR 29000 to 6.6lakhs for the biggest solitaire in the entire collection of 50+ odd designs. While checking out, one may find multiple payment gateways for ease of transaction and rest assured, your transaction is safe and secure. Do not forget to take accurate ring size measurement before placing your orders. It has become a trend these days to gift solitaire rings to men for engagement and weddings and also on anniversaries, depending on how close knit the bonding between the couple is.

Buy Solitaire Ring Online India

One may worry about budgets, costs and pricing while buying diamond solitaire jewellery online. That’s where we offer the EMI plan and pay option that saves the day for you. Once you have selected and finalized your design on Candere, simply make a booking payment of any amount you choose and then continue to pay the remaining amount over a period of a few months. The booking amount is a part of your total order value, so you are never paying a penny above the total price of the jewellery. There is no extra cost involved in the form of interests. This way, you protect your price too.

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