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Nose Pin For Girls

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Go girls!! Flaunt your Beautiful Nose Pins in Style

Nose piercing and wearing nose pins are popular practices amongst Indian women. In many Indian communities, wearing nose pins symbolises a coming-of-age ritual. It is believed that piercing a nose can reduce physical distress, and in the case of women, it can help improve the reproductive organs and reduce infertility. It is also advisable to wear nose pins on the left side as they can relieve the nerves related to the nostrils, reducing labour pain while delivery and menstrual cramps. However, in the modern era, wearing nose pins also signifies a fashion statement or a beauty enhancer. 

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Go Gold and Bold with Nose Pin Styles

A gold nose pin for girls is a precious adornment. Nose pins are said to enhance your entire look and brighten up your face. In India, it is also worn as a sign of being married. Candere nose pins add to your femininity and complement the delicate features and beauty of a woman. Gold nose pins come in white gold, pure gold or rose gold and can be adorned with precious diamonds or semi-precious gemstones.

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Choose More and Be sure as Nose Pin Designs Galore

Nose pin designs have evolved over time. From stone-embossed gold nose pins to purely carved golden nose pins, women love to experiment with their nose pins. Essentially three types of nose rings and pins are- everyday wear contemporary ones, special day statement pieces and traditional Indian pins. There are various nose pin designs: corkscrew or twist nose pin, L-shaped or L-Post, Labret nose pin, nose bone or stud, barbell, fishtail, beaded hoop, unbeaded hoop, fake hoop and septum clicker nose pin. No matter what your preference is, Candere serves every style that suits your face shape and comfort. 

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Look Ethnic yet Stylish with Modern Nose Pins Designs

Modern nose pin for girls is carefully crafted to stylise in a funky contemporary fashion. They are meant to be seamlessly worn with both jeans- t-shirt and indo-western Kurtis. Replacing the traditional motifs, the styles are curated to approach the trendy youngsters with aztec motifs, tribal designs, quirky typography, carved animals, birds and other quirky designs. Although gold nose pins are traditional picks, modern girls choose to wear silver nose pins, which merge with every outfit.

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Kalyan Jewellers’ Offer Numerous Nose Pin Designs

Flaunt an irresistible look with trendy and affordable pins by Kalyan Jewellers. Kalyan Jewellers' nose pin for girls showcases the emerging taste while maintaining the traditional touch. The intricately designed, customised, lightweight, sophisticated nose pins are sure to meet your satisfaction. Buy gold nose pins for daily use, intricate designs for wedding anniversaries to merge with traditional outfits or go for modern studs to match up with modern outfits in casual events.

Pick your Gold Nose Pin Deal with DGRP

Don't leave your Favourite nose pin behind just because it is out of your budget. Besides, choose the Candere DGRP scheme. The Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) plan allows you to take home your favourite piece of jewellery in installments. All you have to deposit is 10 per cent of the overall cost at the time of checkout.


Why do Indians wear nose pins?

Nose pins are symbolised as a signifier of social standing and beauty, and it honours the Hindu God Parvati, the goddess of marriage. 

Which side is good for a nose pin?

As per Ayurveda, nerves on the left portion of nostrils are directly related to female reproductive health; therefore, nose piercing in India is done on the left side.

Is nose piercing necessary?

The nose ring in Hindu culture symbolises being married and is supposed to wear it from the wedding day until she is married. However, nowadays, modern women prefer wearing nose rings irrespective of being married as a style statement.