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One Diamond Ring

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One diamond ring is commonly known as a solitaire ring and is the most common form of a diamond ring. There have been several popular trends and designs, but the one diamond ring design has held the test of time. It is truly a classic design. And every woman needs to have at least one stone diamond ring in her collection. The solitaire design usually has a round diamond set in a four-prong setting on a gold or platinum band. It is the most straightforward design that is liked by all. 

One Stone Diamond Ring prices

The price of a diamond ring is usually set by the 4C's of the diamond. The 4 C includes cut, clarity, carat and colour. There are several diamond cuts, but the most expensive is the round cut. These angles of this cut intensify the stone's brilliance, and a lot of the original diamond is wasted in giving it the desired shape. Other diamond cuts include oval, emerald, princess, radiant, and pear-shaped. The carat refers to the weight of the diamond, and people usually choose a one carat diamond ring. Clarity and colour depend on the stone's quality and any flaws in it. The colour comes from hidden minerals in the stone that give it a colour. Diamonds can have pink, blue, green and even yellow colours. These diamonds are extremely rare. Then is the price of the metal band. One diamond gold ring is usually the preferred type of engagement ring because of the significance of stone and precious metal. Also explore our 2 carat diamond ring,3 carat diamond ring, 4 carat diamond ring, 5 carat diamond ring & 20 carat diamond ring

One Diamond Gold Ring designs 

There is a reason why diamond rings are the most popular form. This design has been made famous by old Hollywood celebrities and has become synonymous with eternal love. There are four basic design types of a one diamond ring. These include the classic half-round solitaire style, cathedral solitaire style, Bezel Set Solitaire Style, and Fancy Solitaire Style. Also explore our black diamond ring mens,male diamond ring, square diamond ring,big diamond rings,small diamond ring.

One Diamond Ring Online India

Buying a one stone diamond ring required heavy investment and a lot of research. It might not be easy to find a perfect ring that fits your budget as well. You might have to hit the jewellery shops many times in your busy schedule and try several rings to find one you like. And all the hardwork will go down the drain in case the ring does not match your budget. It is far more worthwhile to browse through jewelery options for one diamond ring online India and have them delivered to your doorstep. Also explore our princess cut diamond ring, cushion cut diamond ring,flower diamond ring & expensive diamond ring. 

Buy One Diamond Ring with DGRP

One of the many benefits of buying gold and diamond from Candere is paying for them in EMI. Under the DGRP scheme, you can book your jewellery online as per the gold rate on that day, and then you can continue to pay back the instalments over the tenure of one to six months at the same rate. With this scheme, the buyer is well protected from fluctuating gold and diamond rates and can choose their desired ring without any tension. It is a true one-of-a-kind scheme offered by Candere over all their gold and diamond jewellery.