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Behold the Magic of Payal Anklets in Style

The Payal anklet is an integral part of Indian culture, and women love adorning themselves with silver anklets that complement their femininity. Besides being a piece of decorating jewellery, silver payal anklet helps allow better energy flow by re-radiating energy flow through the body so that a positive charge is maintained. This also works as an immune booster. However, most women love wearing anklets irrespective of their scientific value. Payal anklets at Candere come in various minimalistic trendy designs that are well suited for every outfit. 

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Go Picky with so many Payal Anklet Designs

The modern payal anklet designs come in contemporary patterns, appealing to any age, and can be worn with almost any outfit. You can choose from various geometric, heart-shaped, animal, or trendy patterns, which are curated from pure white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or silver with meenakari work or diamond adornment. These fancy designs are made to make you stand out from the crowd and add to your sophisticated dressing style. 

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Various Anklet Payal Designs Trend Online

Depending on the type of metal, purity, and weight of the metal used and diamond or gemstone adornments, various payal anklet designs available online can cost between INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 or higher. However, the cost might not cross your budget due to multiple discounts on making charges available online.

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Grace of Pearl, now in Payal Anklet

Pearl Payal anklets are also the newest addition to the anklet section. The pretty intricate anklet designs adorned with pearl and customised diamonds can appear graceful. Choose minimalistic designs which can merge with any outfit and any occasion.

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Kalyan Jewellers Payal Anklet

Kalyan Jewellers Payal anklets are customised for the preference of women of any age. The intricate designs are unique and come in different metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver with solitaire or multiple diamonds, pearls, and other graceful adornments. The designs are timeless and come with DGRP certification and jewellery insurance. You can also avail of a lifetime exchange offer when you buy from Kalyan Jewellers.

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Tone up your Wedding look with Bridal Payal Anklets

You can tone up your wedding outfit with meticulously crafted bridal wedding Payal anklets. These payals are heavier than normal everyday-use anklets and are one of a kind. Depending on the budget and style, the wedding payals come in pairs and can be adorned with traditional ghungroos with stone and pearl settings.

Explore a plethora of extensive Payal anklets at Candere and bring out the best of your outfit.

No More Compromise on Your Favourite Gold Payal Anklets with DGRP

Are you leaving your favourite payal anklet designs due to money issues? Wait, know about the Candere DGRP scheme. Double Gold Rate Protection is a scheme that allows the buyer to pay only 10% of the total amount at the checkout, and the remaining amount can be paid in easy installments over a period of a few months. So, grab your favourite deal now with the DGRP.


What does Wearing Anklets Mean?

In many cultures, Payal anklets are worn to protect the wearer from bad omens and deadly diseases. An anklet on the left foot indicates the wearer is engaged or married. 

Are Anklets in Style?

Anklets are back in fashion, and you can easily follow the trend by wearing them on your bare foot with a short dress or hot pants, whichever conforms to your style.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Payal Anklets?

If you face severe leg pain, which originates from lower back pain and travels through your hip joint to your sciatic, wearing anklets might alleviate your pain.